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intr.v. re·sult·ed, re·sult·ing, re·sults
1. To happen as a consequence: damage that resulted from the storm; charges that resulted from the investigation. See Synonyms at follow.
2. To end in a particular way: Their profligate lifestyle resulted in bankruptcy.
a. Something that follows naturally from a particular action, operation, or course; a consequence or outcome. See Synonyms at effect.
b. results Favorable or desired outcomes: a new approach that got results.
2. Mathematics The quantity or expression obtained by calculation.

[Middle English resulten, from Medieval Latin resultāre, from Latin, to leap back, frequentative of resilīre : re-, re- + salīre, to leap; see sel- in Indo-European roots.]

re·sult′ful adj.
re·sult′ful·ness n.
re·sult′less adj.


pl n
1. good results; success
2. numbers or information obtained from carrying out a test, trial, or examination, esp a medical examination
3. (Education) esp Brit marks or grades in an examination
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Section III explains how the search hit is extracted, along with the collected results presented in the subsection C with the line charts to support the truth value hypothesis.
They possess the common feature of comparison of test results obtained by one testing laboratory with those obtained by other testing laboratories.
At some time, all deaths are unpreventable or the goals or results from clinical care are or will be unacceptable to the patients or surrogates.
Results of logistic regression analyses that adjusted for study site and other relevant factors indicated that women younger than 30 were significantly more likely than their older counterparts to agree to testing; the younger the women were, the wider the differential (odds ratios, 1.
The data provided by the participants of a simple CIPM key comparison are paired results and standard uncertainties [[x.
In the new approach, counselors work as a team, utilizing the unique interests and skills of each to accomplish results.
That is, the results produced by the benchmark are comparable across configurations, manufacturers, and test runs.
And keep in mind that filters can block certain sites (such as those that are sexually explicit) from appearing in your results.
As a result, practitioners have had to rely on a relatively limited (and occasionally conflicting) number of published and private rulings in this area.
While Los Angeles and other districts showed slight improvement in overall student performance by all students, test results for students with limited English skills were shown to have more than doubled in some grades and subjects.
This approved system uses a simple finger prick process for home blood collection which results in dried blood spots on special paper.