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 (rĭ-so͞o′pə-nāt′, -nĭt)
adj. Biology
Inverted or seemingly turned upside down, as the flowers of most orchids and the fruiting bodies of certain fungi.

[Latin resupīnātus, past participle of resupīnāre, to bend back : re-, re- + supīnus, supine; see supine.]

re·su′pi·na′tion n.


(Botany) botany (of plant parts, esp the flowers of many orchids) reversed or inverted in position, so as to appear to be upside down
[C18: from Latin resupīnātus bent back, from resupīnāre, from re- + supīnāre to place on the back; see supine]
reˌsupiˈnation n


(rɪˈsu pəˌneɪt, -nɪt)

1. bent backward.
2. Bot. inverted; appearing as if upside down.
[1770–80; < Latin resupīnātus, past participle of resupīnāre to lay face upwards, v. derivative of resupīnus lying face upwards, leaning back; see re-, supine]
re•su`pi•na′tion, n.