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Acting or tending to retard. Often used in combination: flame-retardant pajamas for children; a fire-retardant security chest.
A substance that retards a process, as a flame retardant.


(Chemistry) a substance that reduces the rate of a chemical reaction
having a slowing effect


(rɪˈtɑr dnt)

1. any substance capable of reducing the speed of a chemical reaction.
2. retarding or tending to retard (usu. used in combination): fire-retardant material.
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Noun1.retardant - any agent that retards or delays or hinders; "flame-retardant"
agent - an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect; "their research uncovered new disease agents"


n (Chem) → Verzögerungsmittel nt
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For engineering polymers, in addition to decabromodiphenyl oxide, company offers a white, melt-blendable brominated acrylic polymeric flame retardant (FR-1025) with superior uv stability, permanence, improved flow and flame-retardant efficiency.
According to an updated technical market research report, "Flame retardant chemicals--RC-004B," from BCC Research, the consumption of flame retardant chemicals worldwide was 2.
Positioned as the de facto standard for next-generation flame-retardant PBT resin, the product complies with the world safety and environmental standards, employing a non-halogen flame retardant to achieve the highest V0 retardant level set by the Underwiters Laboratories.
A brominated flame retardant, 2,2',4,4',5'-pentabromodiphenyl ether: uptake, retention, and induction of neurobehavioral alterations in mice during a critical phase of neonatal brain development.
Virtually all dock seal manufacturers have offered fire retardant fabric and foam components in their dock seals for years.
Some years ago the Monitor reported that Congress mandated a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) study on the possible toxicity of flame retardant chemicals that might be used to treat upholstered furniture fabrics.
Charred plant life reached out like blackened skeletons from the steep mountainsides as scientists took inventory of the job ahead - preventing landslides and flooding and cleaning hot pink fire retardant from the fragile Bouquet Creek and the winding narrow road that follows it.
Partnerships between flame retardant manufacturers and their customers are key to fulfilling this goal.
On another hand, as China is a flame retardant export-oriented country, international policies and regulations in flame retardants are important to its domestic flame retardant industry.
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