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Noun1.retardent - any agent that retards or delays or hinders; "flame-retardant"
agent - an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect; "their research uncovered new disease agents"
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En guise d'illustration des problemes rencontres, il a precise que des contraintes se rapportant notamment au plan cadastral retardent la delivrance de l'acte de concession, [beaucoup moins que] un document necessaire pour celui qui aspire se voir delivrer le permis de construire [beaucoup plus grand que].
De leur part, les trois principales syndicales (l'UMT, la CDT et la FDT) poursuivent leur coordination et retardent toute prise de decision pour le moment.
This grade is also flame retardent, having recently passed FMVSS302, the specification for flammability for automotive interior applications.
He said the panels have been designed to be fire retardent and so that they don't give off any toxic fumes in the wake of a blaze.
FRX Polymers are particularly well suited for use as both inherently flame retardant plastics and as polymeric flame retardent additives.
Always check costumes and accessories are fire retardent and safe to wear
Des performances encourageantes mais qui retardent simplement une nouvelle glissade a venir au classement.
The main market for Kanecaron at that time was for imitation fur coats and rugs, but as the relationship with Kaneka grew, new flame retardent fibres were developed to provide fabrics for curtains and upholstery - and Waxman Fibres was set up to spearhead its growth into new overseas markets.
He said the company has also added curved panel blinds and fold blinds to its range of products made at the Bahrain factory and sells fabrics ranging from 100-per-cent polyester to polyester PVC mix, polyester fibreglass mix and materials which are fire retardent, bio active, anti fungal and solar-protection coated -- with these being particularly popular in office environments.
Our portfolio of fiber solutions includes: virgin polyester for spunlace, wet laid, needlepunch and other nonwoven formation technologies; CoPET, PE/PP & PE/PET bicomponents for thermal bonding; Type 6 & Type 6,6 nylon staple; Flame Retardent and standard rayon; as well as 3--45 denier recycled post consumer and post industrial fibers.
SAN * * Ronfalin PP Percom * * * * * PE PercomH * * * * UL Flame 650[degrees]C960 Mineral Glass High Retardent [degrees]Glow Filled Flow Wire ABS Ronfalin * * * * PC/ABS * Ronfaliric PA/ABS * * RonfalinN PA6-66 * * * * Vitamide PC Perfex * * PMMA/ABS Ronfalin PMMA POM Pertal.