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The depiction of fictional events, as in a television series or comic book, that entail a revision of the narrative presented in an earlier installment.
tr.v. ret·conned, ret·con·ning, ret·cons
To modify (a fictional character, for example) in this manner.

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Retcon Game: Retroactive Continuity and the Hyperlinking of America is recommended for college-level readers of American history, sociology and cultural inquiry, and considers how retroactive continuity has moved from its roots in comic book culture to popular media presentations and beyond.
Before the show's original premise was changed and its office environment was relocated from Retcon Insurance to Wayne Security, Tudyk's character was named Del Heller - Retcon's new claims supervisor who got the job because his father is the company's CEO.
Chapter three, "The Military Rebalance as Retcon," by Jensen and Shibuya demonstrates that the military dimension of the rebalance is more a matter of continuity than revolution.