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tr. & intr.v. re·thought (-thôt′), re·think·ing, re·thinks
To reconsider (something) or to involve oneself in reconsideration.

re′think′ n.
re·think′er n.


a person who rethinks
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He took language to its uttermost limits, unfolding a view of reality and of language as infinitely embedded labyrinths; the passage of time transforms these labyrinths into palimpsests fractal or quasi-fractal in nature, man's purpose inside them being to become a builder, a rebuilder, an inventer, a reinventer, a thinker, a rethinker, an explorer, a reexplorer, etc.
They include school safety, cleanliness and bathrooms, availability of supplies and books, quality of food and cafeterias, the quality of teachers and teaching, extracurricular activities, and dignity--or as Rethinker Alisia Hall defined it simply as, "Dignity means love, respect, and value.
Quoting with approval John Kerrigan's assessment that "'[Shakespeare] becomes a self-considering artist,' a 'poet willing to engage with his own work critically, as reader and rethinker,'" (189) Erne concludes by trying to account for the shortness of Macbeth.
The Satanic Verses explicitly presents itself as a rethinker and a critical reader--not only of the Koran but also of Ovid, Lucretius, Joyce, Melville, Blake .
The senator joins the list of this year's Leading Global reThinkers of 2017 for 'openly defying President Duterte and his brutal war on drugs and paying the price with her freedom.
Twenty-five visually, hearing and movement-impaired youth participated in the workshop, which was organized by Shabaab Initiative and Rethinkers Foundation that deals with training, development and creative thinking.
De Geschiedenis van een Romantische Mythe en een Nationaal Symbool" ("Hero's and Rethinkers.
34) The middle school activists in the study, called the Rethinkers, defined the problem in their schools not only as a matter of where their food came from and its quality, but also as a problem of the broader conditions of the cafeterias where they ate, and the amount of time they were given to eat their food.
Stout brought them together as a group called the Rethinkers and encouraged them to imagine what their schools could be like in 2026.
Reports by AIDS Rethinkers are readily accessible on numerous websites, the early and most significant ones being www.
We need, and should encourage and honour, not only discoverers of facts hitherto unknown but explorers of ideas and rethinkers of values (Walter Moberly).
The reevaluation of these and other received ideas makes Moron's book a perfect tool for beginners and rethinkers alike.