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Noun1.reticulated python - of southeast Asia and East Indiesreticulated python - of southeast Asia and East Indies; the largest snake in the world
python - large Old World boas
genus Python - Old World boas
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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (DENR-PENRO) released 11 reticulated pythons, two monitor lizards, two grass owls and a Philippine sailfin lizard into the wild in Talisay City.
two reticulated pythons were found dumped in a Stockton town centre street.
Since 2015, the DENR Central Luzon office has seized 34 species of reticulated pythons, long-tailed macaques, pond turtles, seahawks, monitor lizards and owls.
Reticulated pythons are the world's longest reptiles and longest snakes.
Reticulated pythons are native to south east Asia, a region in which Chester Zoo is involved in several conservation projects looking to protect animals.
Experts say reticulated pythons are known for their size and patterned skin, and have long been bred in captivity and kept as pets.
Reticulated pythons are the longest species of snake in the world.
Female reticulated pythons are capable of laying 60 to 100 eggs at a time, which take 70 to 90 days to hatch.
Imported from Poland, the nonvenomous constrictor - currently unnamed - will join other reticulated pythons in the Record Breaker section of the park's Reptile World.
Imported from Poland, the nonvenomous constrictor- currently unnamed - will join fellow reticulated pythons in the Record Breaker section of Mark O'Shea's Reptile World.
We were shocked to find a reticulated python and as you know that reticulated pythons are very rare and they are endangered.
Scientists have recovered fossils from a 60,000,000-year-old South American snake whose length and weight might make today's anacondas and reticulated pythons seem a bit cuter and more cuddly.