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Noun1.retired person - someone who has retired from active workingretired person - someone who has retired from active working
nonworker - a person who does nothing
emeritus - a professor or minister who is retired from assigned duties
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DESPITE the view many pensioners have escaped the worst of the downturn, retirement income specialist MGM Advantage claims the average retired person has pounds 8,180 of personal debt, a staggering pounds 96.
Home-based business that is a good business for a retired person or a person desiring to work out of their home.
The Social Security Act (SSA) permits a retired person to engage in some work activity without losing retirement benefits; see 42 USC Section 403(b) and (f).
Look around your local community for a respected retired person who would like to augment his retirement income in an environment that is healthy and close to his home.
The retired persons rallied today near Maxim Gorky monument in Bishkek in protest agasinst price rise for gas, electricity, hot and cold water supply organized by the Public Association for Population\'s Social Protection.
In 1977, she joined the Retired Persons Scholarship Program and attended the University of Michigan for a time.
A federal judge threw out a lawsuit January 20 brought by a gay Portland couple who claimed the United Seniors Association illegally used a photo of their wedding day in an antigay ad targeting the American Association of Retired Persons last year.
A graying, bespectacled man with the pleasant, genial demeanor of a school-teacher, Naylor is the chief lobbyist for the AARP, the organization formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons.
In a case of "Not Welcome Here," the American Association of Retired Persons in Illinois is up in arms over the fact that recent parolees are sometimes placed in nursing homes, side by side with vulnerable elderly residents.
But advocates for seniors, like the powerful American Association for Retired Persons, say it's still not enough.
The American Association of Retired Persons Web site offers news articles and updates on topics including computers and technology, legislative issues, and money and work.

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