retirement benefit

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Noun1.retirement benefit - a monthly payment made to someone who is retired from work
pension - a regular payment to a person that is intended to allow them to subsist without working
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Entities with fiscal years ending after June 30, 2017, are required to report their retirement benefit plan finances six months after the end of their fiscal year and will be included in future rounds of reporting.
Just before she retired in 2008, Charlotte Foster, who worked at the credit union for 38 years and served as its vice president of operations, specifically asked her supervisors, Jeff Fladu and President/CEO John Barad, whether this retirement benefit would be available for life and they both confirmed it would be, according to the lawsuit.
Most disabled veterans who incurred their debilitating injury while in active duty qualify for a Disability Retirement benefit.
It's eliminating auxiliary benefits, like spousal benefits or widow's benefits or child benefits, including disabled child benefits, for people who put their retirement benefit in suspension.
His 61-year-old wife, Emily, has worked less than 10 years and does not qualify for her own retirement benefit.
Secret #5: A client can still suspend their retirement benefit no matter their birthdate.
For workers born in 1955 and later, the early retirement benefit will be less than 75 percent.
The Institute of Directors called for a "radical reform" of both the state and private retirement benefit systems.
Plans, that do accept a division of retirement benefit, however, that do not accept the title QDRO are federal plans, military plans, railroad retirement plans, and some state retirement system plans.
Promise said it will announce the projected impact of the higher-than-expected number of applicants and the resultant large retirement benefit payouts on the Dec.
In its comments, TEI expressed concern that the proposed definition of "Eligible Retirement Benefit Plan" in the discussion drafts is problematic, specifically arguing that the proposed application of the state's constructive receipt rules to nonqualified deferred compensation plans is misguided.