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v. re·touched, re·touch·ing, re·touch·es
1. To add new details or touches to for correction or improvement.
2. To improve or change (a photographic negative or print), as by adding details or removing flaws.
3. To color (recent growth of hair) to match hair that was tinted, dyed, or bleached at an earlier date.
4. Archaeology To modify (a flaked stone tool) by secondary flaking along the cutting edge.
To give or make retouches.
n. (rē′tŭch′, rē-tŭch′)
The act, process, or an instance of retouching.

re·touch′er n.
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Il a fallu retoucher le film, [beaucoup moins que]le corriger[beaucoup plus grand que] du point de vue de la morale dominante pour discuter toute possibilite de le montrer au public tunisien, cense etre adulte et vaccine
About Florencia Mazza Ramsay Photographer and retoucher whose editorial credits include Playboy Spain, Mercedes-Benz (Argentina) and Porsche (Argentina), and Mustique Latin America.
Il faut dire que cet artiste a reussi une technique reputee difficile dans son execution car impossible a retoucher une fois le pinceau pose sur le tableau.
Dunne uses the time to catch up on work from her other job as a photo retoucher.
1) and again in Aug 1947 ('Professional Engagements "Experienced Retoucher of first-class ability.
In the winter of 1964-65, even before The Creation of the Humanoids was listed, along with feather boas and Warhol's Sleep (1963), in a random list of things the New York Times Magazine deemed as "generally agreed" examples of "Pure Camp," Mike Kuchar--a twenty-two-year-old photo retoucher living in the Bronx--conceived his own 16-mm version of Warhol's favorite movie.
Mr Miranda works as a photographer and digital retoucher, and has been working as an artist for the last 10 years, exhibiting in Argentina, Brazil, and Dubai.
2009-526 du 12 mai 2009 de simplification et de clarification du droit et d'allegement des procedures (41) vient, en dernier lieu, retoucher les dispositions sur la fiducie-surete.
Anderson, Selina Sarah Elizabeth (1878-1964), artist and photographic retoucher.
Son image est-elle le fruit d'un logiciel qui permet de retoucher les photographies ?
It takes, at minimum, an art director, food stylist, prop stylist and a retoucher to make food look like you want to eat it.
Dad-of-three Paul Seaton, a image retoucher, who lives in nearby Longframlington, said he felt relatively safe despite the circumstances.