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One that retracts, as:
a. Anatomy A muscle, such as a flexor, that retracts an organ or a part.
b. Medicine A surgical instrument used to hold back organs or the edges of an incision.


1. (Anatomy) anatomy any of various muscles that retract an organ or part
2. (Surgery) surgery an instrument for holding back the edges of a surgical incision or organ or part
3. a person or thing that retracts


(rɪˈtræk tər)

1. a person or thing that retracts.
2. Surg. an instrument for drawing back the edges of an incision.
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Noun1.retractor - surgical instrument that holds back the edges of a surgical incisionretractor - surgical instrument that holds back the edges of a surgical incision
surgical instrument - a medical instrument used in surgery
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New illuminated retractors in the Eikon LT platform offer improved tissue grip, surgical precision and safety
eriai - 6 pieces; elevators - 3 pieces; hooks - 5 pieces; needle-holder - 1 pc; retractor blades - 2; retractor hooks - 2; retractors - 3 pieces; retractors screwdriver - 1 pc; -point is osteotomy window - 5 units; Central channel impactor - 3 pieces; spoons - 4 pieces; askilvelio cannula - 1 pc; cervical part distraktorius - 1 pc; Drilling Diverter - 1 pc; borer - 1 pc; screwdriver - 1 pc; Distraction screws - 6 pieces; vertebral body disektorius - 1 pc.
Specially designed low profile spiked Hohmann retractors with an angle are inserted anteriorly deep to the subscapularis tendon and posteriorly along the anatomic neck of the humerus deep to the posterior rotator cuff insertion (Fig.
The picture above shows the positioning of the mirror, metal retractors and camera to take a maxillary occlusal photograph.
Whereas most seatbelt retractors use a lock pawl to hold the webbing in place in the event of a crash, the TRW FS1 uses the forward movement of the occupant to apply force to the webbing, which moves the spool, which locks the retractor.
In the development of this technique, I have experimented with different endoscopic sacs and retractors.
htm) seatbelt retractors for the driver and front passenger seat belts are mounted in the rear doors (access doors) for 2007 through 2013 model year FJ cruisers.
Aorta located directly to the right of penis retractor and rectum directly to the left of origin of tentacle retractors.
As part of your before-operations PMCS, inspect all of the GRS harnesses, retractors and brackets, but pay special attention to the right-rear air guard bracket.
Omni-Tract Surgical announced that they have recently been awarded two new European patents on key technologies related to their table-mounted surgical retractors.
A: Unfortunately, the only fix is to replace the spring-loaded seat belt retractors.
Dedo of CANT Corporation has developed a simple, yet effective solution--an extension that makes oropharyngeal surgeries easier using existing retractors.