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Whether engagement documentation is in paper, electronic, or other media, the integrity, accessibility, or retrievability of the underlying data may be compromised if the documentation could be altered, added to, or deleted without the firm's knowledge or if it could be permanently lost or damaged.
Of course, any nation with a coastline (or lakes for that matter) will have a maritime history that includes shipwrecks, but in New Zealand's case this has particular resonance and retrievability.
Early clinical trials have confirmed the value of the ease of accurate placement, repositionability, and retrievability of the valve.
This section discusses establishing policies and procedures to maintain the confidentiality, safe custody, integrity, accessibility and retrievability of engagement documentation.
In just ten compact chapters of tips, trick, techniques, and practical advice, readers will learn what they must do to insure the safety and retrievability of their luggage with respect to baggage check-in and proper identification; luggage and locks; preparations for packing; luggage damage and insurance coverage; luggage thieves; domestic vs.
There is also one full chapter specifically devoted to evaluation aspects, in which Lancaster addresses the role of indexing and abstracting in four principal criteria for evaluating bibliographic databases--coverage, retrievability, predictability, and timeliness.
Factors that were fundamental during this process were patient and data safety, confidentiality, accuracy of information, organization and retrievability of the data.
in (19) is din3 'earth, ground', (5) which has presumably been ellipsed under contextual retrievability.
The test collection must consist of documents originally included in the library, chosen in such a way that any advance knowledge concerning the retrievability of any given component by either system is effectively ignored.
The advantages of video-based data to a study are its permanence as a record, its retrievability, and its availability to other researchers to check findings, with the possibility of reinterpretation (Plowman, 1999).
The data should be stored in a consistent manner and have easy access and retrievability.
Immigration information on the WWW: visibility versus retrievability