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1. Retroactive: retro pay.
2. Involving, relating to, or reminiscent of an earlier time; retrospective: "As is often the case in retro fashion, historical accuracy is somewhat beside the point" (New York Times).
n. pl. ret·ros
Fashion or style, as in music, reminiscent of an earlier time.


n, pl -ros
(Astronautics) short for retrorocket
(Clothing & Fashion) denoting something associated with or revived from the past: retro dressing; retro fashion.


(ˈrɛ troʊ)

1. retroactive.
2. of or designating the style of an earlier time: retro clothes.
[1970–75; by shortening]


a prefix meaning “back, backward”: retrogress; retrorocket.
[< Latin, representing retrō (adv.), backward, back, behind]
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Noun1.retro - a fashion reminiscent of the pastretro - a fashion reminiscent of the past  
fashion - the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior
Adj.1.retro - affecting things past; "retroactive tax increase"; "an ex-post-facto law"; "retro pay"
retrospective - concerned with or related to the past; "retrospective self-justification"


adjective old-time, old, former, past, period, antique, old-fashioned, nostalgia, old-world, bygone, of yesteryear original versions of today's retro looks


adj [fashion, style, music, furniture] → rétro inv
the retro look → le look rétro
nrétro m


n (= retrorocket)Bremsrakete f
(Mus, Fashion) → Retro-; retro musicRetromusik f
(inf: = outdated) → retro (inf)
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The Super Retro Boy also sports steady specifications for a portable gaming device.
Following a success of 2015's event, which saw PS650 raised for their nominated charity STOP HUNGER, Gareth Mottershead and the Retro Rewind Wales team will be at John Bright Leisure Centre, Ysgol John Bright, Maesdu Road on Sunday, May 8, and they hope to raise even more money than last year for the charity.
But if you're not a fan of retro, there are ways to bring beautiful brown into your home with a modern twist.
The unisex frames feature flattering wayfarer and high joint structures in style Retro 310 and 313, with minimal details to tie in with the growing 'normcore' trend for unpretentious clothing in 2015.
tv and on Twitter @colinjustin Before | This room was in serious need of TLC - it was dark, tired and an uninviting space to sit in, while now, the chairs and other items may be retro, but the look they create is bang on trend
Manufactured by Retro-bit, the Super Retro consoles are distributed exclusively by Innex and had been originally announced at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo[R] in Los Angeles last year with a tentative release date set for 2013.
Organisers Chris Wilkins of Retro Fusion magazine and Craig Turner, boss of vintage game firm Turnarcades Custom Arcade Machines, which is based in the city, are hoping the event will become an annual one.
With that in mind, Pavilion has published a range of books dedicated to retro dressing-up.
This year the Retro will not be running teams so it is every crew for themselves over the 300-mile route.
A total of 62 retro cars and 10 motorbikes took part in the procession in downtown Varna which attracted locals and foreign tourists alike.
The retro look has again turned a full circle and taken on a contemporary twist for the 21st Century.
IF last year's Hulk and this year's Star sky and Hutch has you thinking all retro, there's a vast amount of movie stuff out there in web land.