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a. retroauricular, rel. a o situado detrás de la oreja o aurícula.
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For anterior lamella, free skin graft is used, taken from retroauricular sulcus, supraclavicular area and sutured using 6-0 silk.
At baseline, microbiome samples of facial and retroauricular skin among the controls with no acne showed that Streptococcus "was the genus present in highest relative abundance, followed by Propionibacterium," the authors wrote.
All patients were operated upon by retroauricular intact canal tympanoplasty with mastoidectomy under general anesthesia.
The use of a retroauricular fascioperichond-rial flap in the recreation of the antihelical fold in prominent ear surgery.
To date, the treatment of choice for such fistulae is complete surgical excision of the tract and any associated cyst, either through a traditional transverse cervical incision or via an endoscopic retroauricular approach.
0018% of total viral reads from nasopharyngeal samples from 210 patients with respiratory tract symptoms (8); and all tested fecal, mid-vaginal, buccal mucosal, and retroauricular crease samples, with a predominance of mimiviruses in fecal samples reaching [approximately equal to]33% of the total viral reads (9).
A subepidermal retroauricular abscess formed, and she underwent abscess drainage [Figure 1]d.
It explains a generic technique for reconstruction, consisting of two-stage autologous ear reconstruction involving the reproduction of the missing contours and creation of the retroauricular sulcus, then reconstruction for microtia and traumatic injury.
Physical examination revealed cervical and retroauricular lymphadenomegaly.
5 The usual treatment for small lesions consists of full thickness excision followed by repair with full thickness skin graft from retroauricular region or contralateral eyelid.
advocated use of the retroauricular pocket principle.
They looked at samples from 10 sites on each subject: the external auditory canal, forehead, occiput, retroauricular crease, back, manubrium, antecubital fossa, inguinal crease, volar forearm, and nares.