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v. ret·ro·ced·ed, ret·ro·ced·ing, ret·ro·cedes
To go back; recede.
To cede or give back (a territory, for example); return.

[Latin retrōcēdere : retrō-, retro- + cēdere, to go; see ked- in Indo-European roots.]

ret′ro·ces′sion (-sĕsh′ən) n.


n. retrocesión 1. retrocediendo, retraso; 2. desplazamiento de un órgano hacia atrás, tal como el útero.
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Net income attributable to ordinary shareholders and net income attributable to ordinary shareholders excluding the impact of the Life Retrocession Arrangements[sup.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: mission engineering for the retrocession of vrd of the residence "bois gruff" in etauliers.
4) If present, it is necessary to include the court decision which supports the retrocession application or examples of the contracts between the parties and Turkish legislation regarding custody or guardianship as well as the documents which might solve the conflict.
a privately owned, Bermuda-based asset management company that manages capital on behalf of investors seeking to invest in the property catastrophe reinsurance and retrocession market.
Swiss Re estimates its claims burden from Hurricane Sandy at around $900 million, net of retrocession and before tax.
Global Banking News-July 18, 2011--Manulife Financial sells Life Retrocession unit(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Mr Albert Nduna, Group Managing Director of Zimbabwe Group reinsurance are faced with some challenges in Africa including socio-economic which have their impact especially in the international insurance markets where the reinsurance arm of the insurance sector in the continent get their retrocession which have been debilitated by a number of challenges.
a reinsurance company that writes property catastrophe, per risk, marine and energy, retrocession and other specialty short-tail lines of business, leased 3,775s/f at 48 Wall St.
At last fall's Monte Carlo Rendezvous, the talk was on the retrocession market and what would happen because of Swiss Re's acquisition of GE Insurance Solutions.
insured need not worry about cascading tax liabilities that arise through subsequent reinsurance and retrocession arrangements.
While the reinsurance community has come to refer to this type of vehicle as a "sidecar," Blue Ocean Re sees itself as a more traditional style of company specializing in property retrocession.
Since retrocession, the ultimate power to interpret statutes has been passed on from the CFA to the National People's Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC).