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adj. also ret·ro·flexed (-flĕkst′)
1. Bent, curved, or turned backward.
2. Pronounced with the tip of the tongue turned back against the roof of the mouth.
A sound pronounced with the tongue in retroflex position, as the sound (r) in some varieties of English.

[Latin *retrōflexus, past participle of retrōflectere, to bend back : retrō, retro- + flectere, to bend.]

ret′ro·flex′ion, ret′ro·flec′tion n.


(ˈrɛtrəʊˌflɛks) or


1. bent or curved backwards
2. (Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics of, relating to, or involving retroflexion
[C18: from Latin retrōflexus, from retrōflectere, from retro- + flectere to bend]


(ˈrɛ trəˌflɛks)

1. bent backward; exhibiting retroflexion.
2. (of a speech sound) articulated with the tip of the tongue curled upward and back toward or against the hard palate.
[1910–15; < Latin retrōflexus, past participle of retrōflectere to bend back]
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Verb1.retroflex - bend or turn backward
bend, flex - form a curve; "The stick does not bend"
2.retroflex - articulate (a consonant) with the tongue curled back against the palate; "Indian accents can be characterized by the fact that speakers retroflex their consonants"
enounce, enunciate, pronounce, sound out, articulate, say - speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way; "She pronounces French words in a funny way"; "I cannot say `zip wire'"; "Can the child sound out this complicated word?"
Adj.1.retroflex - bent or curved backward
backward - directed or facing toward the back or rear; "a backward view"
2.retroflex - pronounced with the tip of the tongue turned back toward the hard palate
linguistics - the scientific study of language
backward - directed or facing toward the back or rear; "a backward view"


[ˈretrəʊfleks] ADJvuelto hacia atrás
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It's only incidentally academic, or specialized, so I will be leaving out the possible cascade of additional letters: I'm mentioning the retroflex letters in Urdu because they're such cunning constructs, but there is a potential sublime overload of new letters in Malayalam, Sorani Kurdish, or Uighur which won't make the cut.
There are also many uncertainties about pronunciation of historically recorded terms, especially the status of the rhotics (5) (r sounds), the distinction between inter-dental, alveolar and retroflex consonants, vowel length and the distinction between/n/ and /nk/ with the digraph ng.
TAVI involves the delivery of a prosthetic valve, through the femoral artery, by means of a Retroflex delivery system.
There are no retroflex phonemes such as /t/, /th/, /d/ and /dh/ in the native language.
Branch bicuspid or Agardh angulate; leaves retroflex and perpendicular to branches; simple axillary or terminal receptacles; distributed only in the northern hemisphere.
This examination revealed that the extremely large lingual tonsils had filled the entire vallecula and were causing the epiglottis to retroflex and approximate the posterior pharyngeal wall (figure 1).
Mental ears are thus evolutionary by retroflex recognizance, from the outcomes of experiment back to the experimental matrix itself and its shifting points of origin.
Capital letters express a retroflex articulation which in Kalasha occurs not only in consonants but also in vowels (Heegard & Morch 2004; Di Carlo 2010).