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n. uretrografía, rayos-x de la uretra usando una sustancia radioopaca inyectada.
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4,5] The diagnosis of urethral stricture is usually established by uroflowmetry and serial voiding urethrography or only retrograde urethrography, which are used to assess the degree, length and level of urethral stricture.
They detail how to perform and interpret all types of procedures for each part of the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts, including the modified barium swallow, videoflouroscopic pharyngography, double and single-contrast esophagography and upper GI exams, small bowel follow throughs, enteroclysis, double and single-contrast barium enemas, evacuation proctography, and all types of postoperative GI studies, as well as retrograde urethrography, voiding cystography, and retrograde pyeloureterography.
Dynamic retrograde urethrography was requested as a part of routine urological evaluation, which revealed complete duplication of the penile and bulbous urethra (Figures 1 and 2).
Both channels should be visualized by VCUG and/or retrograde urethrography.