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 (rĕt′rə-grĕs′, rĕt′rə-grĕs′)
intr.v. ret·ro·gressed, ret·ro·gress·ing, ret·ro·gress·es
1. To return to an earlier, inferior, or less complex condition.
2. To go or move backward.

[Latin retrōgradī, *retrōgress- : retrō-, retro- + gradī, to go; see ghredh- in Indo-European roots.]

ret′ro·gres′sion (-grĕsh′ən) adj.
ret′ro·gres′sive adj.
re′tro·gres′sive·ly adv.


(ˌrɛ trəˈgrɛʃ ən)

1. the act of retrogressing; movement backward.
2. Biol. degeneration; passing from a more complex to a simpler structure.
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Noun1.retrogression - passing from a more complex to a simpler biological form
transformation, transmutation, shift - a qualitative change
abiotrophy - a loss of vitality and a degeneration of cells and tissues not due to any apparent injury
cataplasia - (biology) degenerative reversion of cells or tissue to a less differentiated or more primitive form
2.retrogression - returning to a former state
reversal - a change from one state to the opposite state; "there was a reversal of autonomic function"


A return to a former, usually worse condition:


[ˌretrəʊˈgreʃən] Nretroceso m, retrogradación f


n (= backward movement)rückläufige Bewegung; (= deterioration)Rückentwicklung f


n. retrogresión, regreso a un estado más primitivo de desarrollo.
References in classic literature ?
He had foresight, but has less now than formerly, pointing to a moral retrogression, which, when taken with the decline of his fortunes, seems to indicate some evil influence, probably drink, at work upon him.
dead of past centuries in unbroken retrogression until now it embraces
Not if it was the Koh-I-noor; those few whacking stones are too well known, and to cut them up is to decrease their value by arithmetical retrogression.
Owing to occasional retrogressions, to still more frequent moral and intellectual stagnation, and to the extraordinary fecundity of the Criminal and Vagabond Classes, there is always a vast superfluity of individuals of the half degree and single degree class, and a fair abundance of Specimens up to 10 degrees.
provision of the new section 5: the new retrogression standard that
I agree with Vissers' discernment of the Bryden years as a healthful, productive era in our post-1925 history, but the subsequent decades as a slide into denominational decrepitude and spiritual retrogression.
We know most Japanese agree with the rest of the world in opposing Tokyo's retrogression to ultra-right nationalism.
33) Under the pre-Ashcroft standard, changes in voting practices and procedures could only be precleared if it is clear that they could not "lead to a retrogression in the position of racial minorities with respect to their effective exercise of the electoral franchise.
retrogression, stagnancy, resistance to change, insularity) and demonstrate the nuances and ambiguities of Jewish modernity in North Africa and the Middle East.