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 (rĕt′rō-fə-rĭn′jē-əl, -jəl, -făr′ĭn-jē′əl)
Situated or occurring behind the pharynx.
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The use of retropharyngeal suction during the study may also be worthwhile when evaluating high-risk patients to minimize the risk of massive barium aspiration and the ensuing complications.
Therefore an inflammatory response of the musculature will irritate the surrounding structures giving origin to patient symptomatology including decreased neck mobility, neck pain, and odynophagia, which can ultimately be confused with a diagnosis of retropharyngeal abscess or meningitis (4).
Sample material included both medial retropharyngeal lymph nodes and tracheobronchial, mediastinal, and mesenteric lymph nodes and any other tissue with macroscopically visible lesions (Table 2).
On admission to tertiary care, an aetiological differential diagnosis for the pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO) [1] (Table 2) included retropharyngeal abscess, Lemierre's syndrome, HIV seroconversion, and adult onset Still's disease (AOSD).
The incidence of retropharyngeal abscess after Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA) insertion is rare, while the extension of the abscess into the parapharyngeal space is of greater rarity.
to prevent suppurative complications - peritonsillar abscess, sinusitis and retropharyngeal abscess
Acute retropharyngeal tendinitis (calcific tendinitis of the longus colli), initially described by Hartley in 1964, is an acute inflammatory condition of the longus colli tendon.
A later neck radiograph suggested a prevertebral or retropharyngeal abnormality but otherwise was normal.
At this localization, T2-weighted images revealed a heterogeneous hyperintense lesion, and at C2, C3, and C4 levels increased retropharyngeal soft tissue thickness appeared (figure 3b).
According to results of gross examination lesions in Bronchial, Mesenteric, Portal, Prescapular, Supramammary, Internal iliac and Retropharyngeal respectively with 19.
Penetrating injury to the soft palate causing retropharyngeal air collection.
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