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 (rə-tro͞o-sā′, rĕt′ro͞o-)
Turned up at the end. Used of the nose.

[French, past participle of retrousser, to turn back, from Old French : re-, re- + torser, trousser, to tie in a bundle (probably from Vulgar Latin *torsāre, from *torsus, twisted, variant of Latin tortus, past participle of torquēre, to twist; see torque1).]


(rəˈtruːseɪ; French rətruse)
(Anatomy) (of a nose) turned up
[C19: from French retrousser to tuck up; see truss]


(ˌrɛ truˈseɪ, rə-)

(esp. of the nose) turned up.
[1830–40; < French, past participle of retrousser, Middle French, =re- re- + trousser to turn, tuck up]


A French word meaning tucked up, used to describe a nose that turns up at the end.
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Adj.1.retroussé - (used of noses) turned up at the endretrousse - (used of noses) turned up at the end; "a retrousse nose"; "a small upturned nose"
shapely - having a well-proportioned and pleasing shape; "a slim waist and shapely legs"


[rəˈtruːseɪ] ADJ retroussé nosenariz f respingona
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Moreover, much about the same time as Firenzuola was writing, Botticelli's blonde, angular, retrousse women were breaking every one of that beauty- master's canons, perfect in beauty none the less; and lovers then, and perhaps particularly now, have found the perfect beauty in faces to which Messer Firenzuola would have denied the name of face at all, by virtue of a quality which indeed he has tabulated, but which is far too elusive and undefinable, too spiritual for him truly to have understood,--a quality which nowadays we are tardily recognising as the first and last of all beauty, either of nature or art,--the supreme, truly divine, because materialistically unaccountable, quality of Charm!
I turned; at my elbow stood a tall man, young, though probably five or six years older than I--in other respects of an appearance the opposite to common place; though just now, as I am not disposed to paint his portrait in detail, the reader must be content with the silhouette I have just thrown off; it was all I myself saw of him for the moment: I did not investigate the colour of his eyebrows, nor of his eyes either; I saw his stature, and the outline of his shape; I saw, too, his fastidious-looking RETROUSSE nose; these observations, few in number, and general in character (the last excepted), sufficed, for they enabled me to recognize him.
Eliza's figure was at once slight and plump, her face small, and nearly as round as my sister's, - complexion, something similar to hers, but more delicate and less decidedly blooming, - nose, retrousse, - features, generally irregular; and, altogether, she was rather charming than pretty.
The noses were Grecian, Roman, retrousse and Oriental, representing all types of beauty; and the mouths were of assorted sizes and shapes, displaying pearly teeth when the heads smiled.
These include the woman's pert retrousse nose, one plump cartoon of a hand clasped to her chest, and an oversized, lumpish, light-gray hat, which vaguely resembles a swan.
Le Mouloudia d'Alger retrousse ses manches et entame la troisieme et derniere etape de sa preparation en prevision du prochain exercice footballistique, debutant le parcours par un perilleux deplacement a Tizi Ouzou.
c'est une blonde / La nez retrousse, l'air moqueur / Les yeux toujours rieurs / Tous ceux qui te connaissent / Grises par tes caresses / S'en vont mais revienn'nt toujours / Paris.
Devant une telle situation, les visiteurs ont retrousse les manches, en optant pour un marquage de zones devant les locaux.
Entre emission de circulaire et appropriation de projet de decret: Nabil Benabdellah retrousse ses manches.