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1. Capable of being returned or brought back: returnable bottles and cans; returnable merchandise.
2. Law Required to be returned within a specified time: a returnable writ.
An empty beverage container that may be returned for refund of a deposit.


1. able to be taken, given, or sent back
2. (Law) required to be returned by law, as a claim to the court from which it issued
reˌturnaˈbility n


(rɪˈtɜr nə bəl)

1. that may be returned.
2. requiring a return, as a writ to the court from which it is issued.
3. a beverage bottle or can that can be returned for refund of a deposit.
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Adj.1.returnable - that may be returned; "returnable bottles and cans"; "this merchandise is returnable if you save the receipt"
nonreturnable - that may not be returned; "nonreturnable bottles cannot be exchanged for a deposit"; "sale merchandise is nonreturnable"
قابِل للإعادَه
sem hægt er aî skila
geri verilebilir/gönderilebiliriade edilir


[rɪˈtɜːnəbl] ADJrestituible; [deposit] → reintegrable, reembolsable; [bottle] → retornable (Jur) → devolutivo; (= on approval) → a prueba
returnable emptiesenvases mpl a devolver
the book is returnable on the 14thel libro deberá estar de vuelta el 14
the deposit is not returnableno se reembolsa el depósito


[rɪˈtɜːrnəbəl] adj
[bottle, container] → consigné(e)
[deposit] → remboursable


adjzur Rückgabe bestimmt; (= reusable)Mehrweg-; returnable bottleMehrwegflasche f; (with deposit) → Pfandflasche f


[rɪˈtɜːnəbl] adj returnable bottlevuoto a rendere


(rəˈtəːn) verb
1. to come or go back. He returns home tomorrow; He returned to London from Paris yesterday; The pain has returned.
2. to give, send, put etc (something) back where it came from. He returned the book to its shelf; Don't forget to return the books you borrowed.
3. I'll return to this topic in a minute.
4. to do (something) which has been done to oneself. She hit him and he returned the blow; He said how nice it was to see her again, and she returned the compliment.
5. (of voters) to elect (someone) to Parliament.
6. (of a jury) to give (a verdict). The jury returned a verdict of not guilty.
7. (in tennis etc) to hit (a ball) back to one's opponent. She returned his serve.
1. the act of returning. On our return, we found the house had been burgled; (also adjective) a return journey.
2. especially in United Kingdom, a round-trip ticket, a return ticket. Do you want a single or a return?
reˈturnable adjective
that can be or that must be returned.
return match
a second match played between the same (teams of) players. We played the first match on our football pitch – the return match will be on theirs.
return ticket
a round-trip ticket, allowing a person to travel to a place and back again to where he started.
by return (of post)
by the very next post. Please send me your reply by return (of post).
in return (for)
as an exchange (for something). We'll send them whisky and they'll send us vodka in return: They'll send us vodka in return for whisky.
many happy returns (of the day)
an expression of good wishes said to a person on his birthday. He visited his mother on her birthday to wish her many happy returns.

to return (not return back) someone's book.
References in classic literature ?
He paid them the compliment of crawling between a couple, and, running and halting, crouching and dropping flat, worked his way toward the lighted Mess-tent where, close pressed behind the mango-tree, he waited till some chance word should give him a returnable lead.
J-tec was founded in 2005 and designs custom returnable containers and shipping racks as well as its own patented mechanical mother/daughter tugger cart system.
Returnable transport packaging includes reusable containers, pallets, hand-held containers, barrels, drums, racks, and dunnage, which enable vendors and industrial customers in the global returnable transport packaging market to efficiently and safely transport products across the supply chain.
USPRwire, Mon Sep 07 2015] Returnable transport packaging includes reusable containers, barrels, drums, dunnage, pallets, and racks that enable vendors and industrial customers to transport products and manage shipments efficiently across an organized supply chain.
UKPRwire, Tue Feb 24 2015] Returnable transport packaging includes reusable containers, pallets, hand-held containers, barrels, drums, racks, and dunnage that enable the efficient and safe transportation of products across the supply chain.
6 styrofoam, metal cans, returnable bottles and cans, all batteries, mercury thermostats, thermometers, fluorescent tubes, bicycles, clothing, books, linens and small household goods, electronics, printers and computer parts.
A If your partner has it in writing that his deposit was fully returnable he will have no difficulty in suing the franchisors for its return.
As more and more companies work towards reducing their carbon footprint by committing to replacing wood, cardboard and polystyrene products with a range of durable, cost effective, long life plastic returnable transit products (RIP), they are then faced with the decision as whether to purchase or rent products.
Implemented first by the automotive industry, Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) solutions have evolved and expanded appreciably.
By renting plastic pallets and other returnable transit equipment this can often be paid from revenue that can be offset against taxes and allows better use of often scarce capital resources.
Beer and beverage glass bottlers can take advantage of black returnable bottling ink that not only improves ink code adhesion when printed onto cold-filled, returnable glass bottles, but also can be removed easily during a standard caustic wash process employing commonly used wash additives such as a surfactant or a detergent when bottles are returned for refilling.
Tons of plastic is wasted as milk bottles - no longer in the town centre are the glass returnable bottles to be found - and the cardboard and polystyrene discarded in the fast food industry is phenomenal.