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Moreover, he said, the one-year window "could create an opportunity to facilitate ultimate adoption of an optimum type of reform," which means reunification of the gift and estate tax, and providing portability.
The two sides launched reunification talks last year.
Tectonic historic moments like the reunification of Germany in the early 1990s most often await their transcription into literary treatment for generations, recorded initially within the ephemeral excitations of journalists.
The report shows that the majority of dedicated federal funding for child welfare is currently reserved for placing and maintaining children in foster care and cannot be used for prevention or reunification services or supports.
But Mountbatten was hopeful that political developments in the early '70s would lead to reunification, according to papers just released into the National Archives in Dublin.
The 1965 Act also provided a "family preference" quota framework that systematized the sponsorship of relatives of legal immigrants, emphasizing the reunification of immigrant families.
ENI -- Christians from both parts of divided Korea have prayed together for the reunification of their country, which has been split in two by a militarized demarcation line since the end of the 1950-1953 Korean War.
Irish citizens who are married to non-EU citizens have no legal right to family reunification.
This focuses on communication with parents in prison where reunification is appropriate.
The findings indicate that the families assigned to the experimental group used substance abuse services at a significantly higher rate and were more likely to achieve family reunification than were families in the control group.
Sixteen members of the US Congress support the position that the country should facilitate a successful reunification of the island through assistance to Cyprus.