revenue sharing

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rev′enue shar`ing

the system of disbursing part of federal tax revenues to state and local governments for their use.
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Noun1.revenue sharing - distribution of part of the federal tax income to states and municipalities
distribution - the act of distributing or spreading or apportioning
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3 million more in revenue sharing next year, thanks to an increase in Provincial Sales Tax (PST) revenues in 2013-14.
Testifying before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on offshore energy revenue sharing, National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) President Randall Luthi urged Congress to move forward in enhancing America's energy security, energy reliability and American jobs by increasing access to the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) for exploration and development.
June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Michigan counties are slated to receive an increase in statutory revenue sharing payments from the State in Fiscal Year 2014.
This week in "Last Week in BizBall, revenue sharing is bad, plus tidbits.
IN A bid to reduce the high operating costs in the retail industry and fuel their expansion plans, a number of players are shifting from fixed rentals schemes to revenue sharing.
Though a few marketing agreements provide for commissions or other predefined payments for marketing assistance, revenue sharing is the principal method of compensating owners for marketing support.
DETROIT - The NFL's selection of a stadium site in Los Angeles could be put off until next year after several owners said Thursday at a league meeting they were still far from resolving the league's pair of over-arching economic issues - new agreements on labor and revenue sharing.
Uncovering all plan expenses and offsetting revenue sharing agreements can be best accomplished through an open architecture 401(k) plan structure, according to Edward Heintzberger, president of The Heintzberger Company, plan administration consultants in Portland, Ore.
This legislation is called the First Nations Revenue Sharing Act and it will affect all northern companies that derive their livelihood from natural resources.
Revenue sharing would indeed help equalize disparities, but baseball's woes are caused by too much regulation, not by too little.
In a pass-word-protected part of the revenue sharing program's Web site, for instance, merchants should provide every conceivable piece of information that partners could want.
Why should I work with a telecom vendor who offers fixed lease payments when others offer revenue sharing and equity?