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Noun1.reverberance - having the character of a loud deep sound; the quality of being resonant
timbre, tone, quality, timber - (music) the distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound); "the timbre of her soprano was rich and lovely"; "the muffled tones of the broken bell summoned them to meet"
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Questionnaires developed by professional acousticians were distributed among the audience to assess acoustic qualities in the twelve spaces studied and were designed to help the researchers register the perception of sonic characteristics of the space and sound (volume, clarity, reverberance, envelopment, intimacy, warmth, brilliance, echo, timbre, and background noise).
The upper strings were struggling to articulate the feathery passagework of the "Queen Mab scherzo" from Berlioz's Romeo and Juliet because the new hall's bass-rich reverberance was schmeering it to mush.
Stacking people high into the room could be detrimental to the acoustics, but we have managed to preserve high side walls between balconies (essential for good side reflections), a hard high top part of the room to create rich reverberance.