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1. Having a tendency to reverberate.
2. Characterized by reverberation; resounding.

re·ver′ber·ant·ly adv.


(rɪˈvɜr bər ənt)

reverberating; reechoing.
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Adj.1.reverberant - having a tendency to reverberate or be repeatedly reflected; "a reverberant room"; "the reverberant booms of cannon"
nonresonant, unreverberant - not reverberant; lacking a tendency to reverberate


adj acousticsnach- or widerhallend
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He had presently disappeared as suddenly as he had come, but he had left me a companion, a radiant reverberant name; and for some little space the name of Shelley clashed silvery music among the hills.
His thin lips, like the dies of a machine, stamped out phrases that cut and stung; or again, pursing caressingly about the inchoate sound they articulated, the thin lips shaped soft and velvety things, mellow phrases of glow and glory, of haunting beauty, reverberant of the mystery and inscrutableness of life; and yet again the thin lips were like a bugle, from which rang the crash and tumult of cosmic strife, phrases that sounded clear as silver, that were luminous as starry spaces, that epitomized the final word of science and yet said something more - the poet's word, the transcendental truth, elusive and without words which could express, and which none the less found expression in the subtle and all but ungraspable connotations of common words.
I could hear no calls or cries--only the sound of the waves, made weirdly hollow and reverberant by the fog.
Working closely with the client, PRG's solution addressed the fact that the venue was a very reverberant environment and allowed the audio team to keep the overall sound pressure level down low for the show, which in turn provided the best end-product for the television truck.
Individual voices and instruments, as well as embedded reverberant spatial information, are identified and then re-authored into a precise multi-channel soundstage.
It is clear that music which works well in such a space needs to display some limitations in harmonic rhythm and contrapuntal complexity, possibly causing a fairly "uninteresting" sound in a smaller and much less reverberant venue.
This is measured by the room's reverberation time (RT), a measurement of how reverberant (echoey and/or live) a space is.
The extremely reverberant acoustic wasn't helping here or in the other densely scored choral/ensemble sections.
Blessings from the Land of the Snows" is a reverberant homage to the country of Tibet which inhabits and inspires Simhananda.
Many of the marvels Cox describes are architectural, from domes and "whispering galleries" that reflect and focus even the tiniest murmurs to the most reverberant place in the world: a four-story-deep subterranean tank in Scotland that was built to hold strategic oil reserves during World War II.
These findings were supported by the APHAB questionnaire, wherein participants reported overall improved function in most listening conditions, such as in noise and reverberant conditions.
Key requirements for voice input applications in a SmartTV include the ability to connect to many microphones, typically 4 or more, supporting different microphone placement geometries and the capability to support distant talking ASR in reverberant environments.