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rev·er·end  (rvr-nd)
1. Deserving reverence.
2. Relating to or characteristic of the clergy; clerical.
3. Reverend Abbr. Rev. Used as a title and form of address for certain clerics in many Christian churches. In formal usage, preceded by the: the Reverend Jane Doe; Reverend John Jones.
n. Informal
A cleric or minister. Used with the.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin reverendus, gerundive of reverr, to revere; see revere1.]

Reverend (ˈrɛvərənd)
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a title of respect for a clergyman. Abbreviations: Rev. or Revd See also Very Reverend, Right Reverend, Most Reverend
Usage: Reverend with a surname alone (Reverend Smith), as a term of address (``Yes, Reverend''), or in the salutation of a letter (Dear Rev. Mr Smith) are all generally considered to be wrong usage. Preferred are (the) Reverend John Smith or Reverend Mr Smith and Dear Mr Smith

reverend (ˈrɛvərənd)
1. worthy of reverence
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) relating to or designating a clergyman or the clergy
3. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a clergyman
[C15: from Latin reverendus fit to be revered; see revere]

rev•er•end (ˈrɛv ər ənd, ˈrɛv rənd)

1. (cap.) (used as a title of respect applied or prefixed to the name of a member of the clergy or a religious order): the Reverend Timothy Cranshaw; Reverend Mother.
2. worthy of being revered; entitled to reverence.
3. pertaining to or characteristic of the clergy.
4. a member of the clergy.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin reverendus, ger. of reverērī to revere1]
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Noun1.reverend - a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Churchreverend - a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church
clergy - in Christianity, clergymen collectively (as distinguished from the laity)
spiritual leader - a leader in religious or sacred affairs
acolyte - someone who assists a priest or minister in a liturgical service; a cleric ordained in the highest of the minor orders in the Roman Catholic Church but not in the Anglican Church or the Eastern Orthodox Churches
anagnost - a cleric in the minor orders of the Eastern Orthodox Church who reads the lessons aloud in the liturgy (analogous to the lector in the Roman Catholic Church)
archdeacon - (Anglican Church) an ecclesiastical dignitary usually ranking just below a bishop
chaplain - a clergyman ministering to some institution
churchman, cleric, ecclesiastic, divine - a clergyman or other person in religious orders
curate, minister, minister of religion, parson, pastor, rector - a person authorized to conduct religious worship; "clergymen are usually called ministers in Protestant churches"
deacon - a cleric ranking just below a priest in Christian churches; one of the Holy Orders
domine, dominee, dominie, dominus - a clergyman; especially a settled minister or parson
ostiarius, ostiary, doorkeeper - the lowest of the minor Holy Orders in the unreformed Western Church but now suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church
lector, reader - someone who reads the lessons in a church service; someone ordained in a minor order of the Roman Catholic Church
officiant - a clergyman who officiates at a religious ceremony or service
ordinand - a person being ordained
ordinary - a clergyman appointed to prepare condemned prisoners for death
postulator - (Roman Catholic Church) someone who proposes or pleads for a candidate for beatification or canonization
preacher, preacher man, sermoniser, sermonizer - someone whose occupation is preaching the gospel
priest - a clergyman in Christian churches who has the authority to perform or administer various religious rites; one of the Holy Orders
shepherd - a clergyman who watches over a group of people
subdeacon - a clergyman an order below deacon; one of the Holy Orders in the unreformed western Christian church and the eastern Catholic Churches but now suppressed in the Roman Catholic Church
vicar - (Church of England) a clergyman appointed to act as priest of a parish
vicar - (Episcopal Church) a clergyman in charge of a chapel
2.Reverend - a title of respect for a clergyman
form of address, title of respect, title - an identifying appellation signifying status or function: e.g. `Mr.' or `General'; "the professor didn't like his friends to use his formal title"
Adj.1.reverend - worthy of adoration or reverencereverend - worthy of adoration or reverence    
sacred - concerned with religion or religious purposes; "sacred texts"; "sacred rites"; "sacred music"
reverend [ˈrevərənd]
A. ADJ (in titles) → reverendo
right or very reverendreverendísimo
Reverend Motherreverenda madre f
B. N (Catholic) → padre m, cura m; (Protestant) → pastor m
reverend [ˈrɛvərənd]
the Reverend John Smith (Anglican)le révérend John Smith; (Catholic)l'abbé John Smith; (Protestant)le pasteur John Smith
n (Anglican)révérend m; (Catholic)abbé m; (Protestant)pasteur m
adj the Reverend Robert Martin˜ Pfarrer Robert Martin; the Most Reverend John SmithErzbischof John Smith; the Very Reverend John SmithDekan John Smith; the Right Reverend John SmithBischof John Smith; the Reverend Motherdie Mutter Oberin
n (inf)˜ Pfarrer m
Reverend [ˈrɛvrnd] adj (in titles) → reverendo/a

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No, reverend sir; I have been liberated by some one.
The Reverend Professor Henslow has published a list of the plants collected by me at the Keeling Islands; and the Reverend J.
"Come in, my reverend father," said Mazarin, after a last look at the ruelle, "come in and console me.
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