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also re·vere  (rĭ-vîr′, -vâr′)
n. pl. revers also re·veres (-vîrz′, -vârz′)
A part of a garment, such as a lapel, turned back to show the reverse side.

[French, from Old French, reverse; see reverse.]


n, pl -vers (-ˈvɪəz)
(Clothing & Fashion) (usually plural) the turned-back lining of part of a garment, esp of a lapel or cuff
[C19: from French, literally: reverse]


(rɪˈvɪər, -ˈvɛər)

n., pl. -vers (-ˈvɪərz, -ˈvɛərz)
1. a part of a garment turned back to show the facing, esp. a lapel.
2. a trimming simulating such a part.
3. the facing used.
[1865–70; < French: reverse]
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Noun1.revers - a lapel on a woman's garment; turned back to show the reverse side
lapel - lap at the front of a coat; continuation of the coat collar


[rɪˈvɪəʳ] N (revers (pl)) [rɪˈvɪəz]solapa f


n pl <-> → Revers nt or m
References in classic literature ?
Heavy fringes, bows, puffs, ruffles, and revers finished off the dress, making one's head ache to think of the amount of work wasted, for not a single graceful line struck the eye, and the beauty of the material was quite lost in the profusion of ornament.
Les Sang et Or ont concede leur revers a l'Arbaa face au RCA (3-1) alors que le match s'est deroule a huis clos en raison de la sanction infligee a Ezzerga par la LFP.
Providing & Installation 1 no tubewell of size 10X89250mm X200 meters Depth below gound level by revers rotary as per IS2900-1991 Part0II and IS 2800-1979 (part-I_ as amended up to date and all other works contingent threb.
We are grateful for the support we've received from both our existing and new limited partners who share our view that today's energy landscape presents a highly attractive opportunity," said Daniel Revers, ArcLight's managing partner and co-founder.
Fellow Barry policeman Paul Revers was given a Lifetime Achievement Award for his exceptional professionalism, commitment and contribution within South Wales Police over the course of his career.
Deuxieme match et deuxieme revers pour l'Egypte dans le groupe E du Mondial U20 qui se deroule actuellement en Turquie.
Nukleozit revers transkriptaz inhibitorlerine (NRTI) karsi lamivudine yuksek direncli metiyonin valin transizyonu (M184V) ve nukleozit revers transkriptaz inhibitorleri disindakilere (NNRTI) karsi valin alanin transizyonu (V106A) direnc mutasyonlari gosterildi.
But with Saints having had an up-and-down season, Under 20s coach Andy Jordan will be hoping his side can find the perfect response to the agonising reverS se against the Reds.
Also, the tipper Valley Chapter of SCORE has added Peter Revers of Strafford, Vt.
Summary: BUBEN&ZORWEG, creators of exclusive watch winders, fine mechanical clocks and luxurious 'Objects of time', unveils one of the most sensational horological masterpieces of the year, the Ellipse Grand Revers Double Tourbillon.
Nick Revers, 25, of Cathays, Cardiff, said: "I can't believe the day is almost upon us.
Ms Revers, who has lived at the property with her husband for 24 years, said: 'You look at this house and it looks perfect, but there are many structural problems and the sewers have gone.