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(ˈrɛv ə ri)

1. a state of meditation or fanciful musing: lost in reverie.
2. a daydream.
3. a fantastic, visionary, or impractical idea.
[1325–75; < Old French reverie, derivative of rever to speak wildly]
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Noun1.revery - an abstracted state of absorption
abstractedness, abstraction - preoccupation with something to the exclusion of all else
dream - a state of mind characterized by abstraction and release from reality; "he went about his work as if in a dream"
brown study - a state of deep absorption or thoughtfulness
2.revery - absentminded dreaming while awakerevery - absentminded dreaming while awake  
dreaming, dream - imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake; "he lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality"
References in classic literature ?
He kept them fixed incessantly on the gypsy, and, while the giddy young girl of sixteen danced and whirled, for the pleasure of all, his revery seemed to become more and more sombre.
This melancholy revery was absorbing him more and more, when a song, quaint but full of sweetness, suddenly tore him from it.
The gypsy's song had disturbed Gringoire's revery as the swan disturbs the water.
He seated himself on the edge of that terrible bed, and fell into melancholy and gloomy revery.
This idea, having once seized upon my fancy, greatly excited it, and I lost myself forthwith in revery.