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1. A facing, as of masonry, used to support an embankment.
2. A barricade against explosives.


1. (Building) a facing of stones, sandbags, etc, to protect a wall, embankment, or earthworks
2. (Fortifications) a facing of stones, sandbags, etc, to protect a wall, embankment, or earthworks
3. (Building) another term for retaining wall
[C18: from French revêtement literally: a reclothing, from revêtir; see revest]


(rɪˈvɛt mənt)

1. a facing of masonry or the like, esp. for protecting an embankment.
2. an ornamental facing, as on a masonry wall, of marble, face brick, tiles, etc.
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Noun1.revetment - a barrier against explosives
barrier - a structure or object that impedes free movement
2.revetment - a facing (usually masonry) that supports an embankment
embankment - a long artificial mound of stone or earth; built to hold back water or to support a road or as protection
cladding, facing - a protective covering that protects the outside of a building


[rɪˈvetmənt] Nrevestimiento m
References in classic literature ?
Our business is to construct a cannon measuring nine feet in its interior diameter, six feet thick, and with a stone revetment of nineteen and a half feet in thickness.
Tenders are invited for Improvements to 1 waste weir bank and waste weir of hagalavadi tank 2 revetment betwn waste weir and sluice and sluice canal of guddenahalli 3 waste weir and the bund of haradagere tank 4 revetment near sluice and bund of harenahalli tank and 5 revetment near right sluice and bund of matada kere in gubbi taluk.
In the long-term, we're looking at constructing a revetment in the area," Villar said.
Meanwhile, the DPWH is exploring the possibility of replacing the Pinuyak Bridge with a permanent bridge with revetment and approaches at the upstream and downstream.
The failed protection system is being removed; a geotextile membrane will be installed, and the rock armour revetment re-graded and enlarged.
The project scope includes offshore sand sourcing, excavation/reclamation works, fill compaction, beach filling/profiling, rock revetment groynes and detachment breakwaters.
Chris Norgeot of Anchor Marine is building Beyle's revetment along with another next door.
The project would see revetment works being carried near the oil and petrol installations in Larnaca and wave-breakers built on either side; seven in the direction of Dhekelia and five in the direction of Larnaca port," he said.
The scope of work covers compaction and ground improvement, construction of rubble mound outer breakwaters each side of the channel, construction of rock revetment at the Naval Base perimeter, supply and installation of navigation aids and environment mitigation (re-location of corals, sea grass and mangroves that would be affected by the works).
The work will be carried out in three phases to improve the training wall, the harbour wall and create a stepped revetment.
Details : Rock revetment works at North Bahrain New Town.
The Environmental Protection Agency is overseeing stream bank maintenance work along Wissahickon Creek at the former Ambler Asbestos Piles Superfund Site in Pennsylvania, to control erosion around a concrete revetment that is designed to reduce the effects of water flowing in the stream.