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v. re·vet·ted, re·vet·ting, re·vets
To retain (an embankment, for example) with a layer of stone, concrete, or other supporting material; provide with a revetment.
To construct a revetment.

[French revêtir, from Old French revestir, to clothe again, from Latin revestīre : re-, re- + vestīre, to clothe (from vestis, garment; see wes- in Indo-European roots).]


(Building) (of a wall or embankment) faced with stones
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The red sections will likely be best cut using a pedestrian machine, Whereas steep or revetted section.
However, taking an aggressive line into the green is very risky because the entrance is narrow and guarded by two deep revetted bunkers.
Instead of simply stating what is not allowed, he devised an innovative solution by redefining one of the revetted spots as a HAMS pad and clearly defined the proper storage procedures and acceptable quantities.