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v. re·vet·ted, re·vet·ting, re·vets
To retain (an embankment, for example) with a layer of stone, concrete, or other supporting material; provide with a revetment.
To construct a revetment.

[French revêtir, from Old French revestir, to clothe again, from Latin revestīre : re-, re- + vestīre, to clothe (from vestis, garment; see wes- in Indo-European roots).]


(Building) (of a wall or embankment) faced with stones
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Anodized Aluminium Plate, Duly Revetted /Screwed On The Switch Fuse Unit Shall Be Provided For Identification Of Earth Terminal.
However, taking an aggressive line into the green is very risky because the entrance is narrow and guarded by two deep revetted bunkers.
Erosion to the coastline here is accelerated by the high cliff lines, and as we looked east towards the enigmatic Iron Age hill-fort of Castle Ditches, we see that its revetted banks and ditches are now slowly but surely eroding into the sea.