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v. re·vised, re·vis·ing, re·vis·es
1. To alter or edit (a text).
2. To reconsider and change or modify: I have revised my opinion of him. See Synonyms at correct.
3. Chiefly British To study again (academic material, for example), as for a test; review.
1. To make revisions, as in a text.
2. Chiefly British To study something again; review.
n. (rē′vīz′, rĭ-vīz′)
1. Informal An act or product of revising; a revision.
2. Printing A proof made from an earlier proof on which corrections have been made.

[Latin revīsere, to visit again, look at again : re-, re- + vīsere, frequentative of vidēre, to see; see review.]

re·vis′a·ble adj.
re·vis′er, re·vi′sor n.
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Comprised of three separate repair options, the HAT-TRICK System includes products for metatarsophalangeal (MTP) ligament repair and reconstruction, a metatarsal osteotomy guide, and a revisable, all-PEEK implant for proximal Inter-phalanges (PIP) fusion, also known as hammer toe correction.
Le groupe de travail propose egalement la rationalisation de l'activite industrielle de montage par des mesures reglementaires encourageant une integration importante favorisant la remontee des filieres et le transfert du savoir-faire, soulignant la necessite de proceder au renforcement du controle technique des importations de vehicules de tourisme a travers un cahier des charges restrictif et revisable, au plan normatif, opposable aux importateurs de vehicules.
Although both men sought to interrogate and re-imagine comics, Moore went into the project as a deconstructionist and critic, whereas Morrison approached it as a humble anthropologist, donning a "fiction suit" to visit his long-lived, indestructible, endlessly revisable friends.
Buses running the routes as part of the Communications and Works Ministry public transport system get a revisable subsidy of e1/43 per kilometre.
Consider revisable items and mix-andmatch bikinis 5.
962 mln* including the state and local authorities guaranteed debt according to EOG 64/2007** revisable data
Humility is "the habit of doubting that the Constitution resolves political issues as opposed to requiring them to be thrashed out through processes of ordinary, revisable politics.
The scientific tradition has built on such a culture of vigorous debate, with the added insight that everything in science is revisable in the light of new evidence.
He said the recommendations on the initiative would be aspirational, providing assessable and revisable targets for the Australian community to meet.
Theological revolts, fads, and correctives come and go, but liberalism has endured as a revisable tradition that appropriates and outlives its competing perspectives.
Consequently, this-worldly activities, thoughts, and structures are revisable, as well as religiously significant in the light of the City of God.
Since human ways of knowing are discursive," says Fish in the foreword, "knowledge for humans is discourse-specific, infinitely revisable, and never full or complete" (xiii).