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Of, relating to, effecting, or having the power of revision.


of, relating to, or having the power to revise


(rɪˈvaɪ zə ri)

pertaining to or for the purpose of revision.
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The artist's work is mimicry and mockery, as well as critical and revisory.
The Florida legislature retains a revisory power over that jurisprudence, in the sense noted by Justice Polston: the legislature may alter statutes to alter statutory interpretation.
21), in the revisory books of the Sevsk governor's office, the books of ordinary and extraordinary collections of the Komaritskaia court canton (RGADA f.
If I had the knack, it would be something performed entirely apart from my serious work--just as my present revisory activities are.
As regards that the cultivable areas in Iran is limited, the increase of yield per area unit by the means of revisory methods is the best solution to enhance the ox-tongue production [4].