revival meeting

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Noun1.revival meeting - an evangelistic meeting intended to reawaken interest in religionrevival meeting - an evangelistic meeting intended to reawaken interest in religion
mass meeting, rally - a large gathering of people intended to arouse enthusiasm
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He happened to go into a revival meeting one night this spring and he got converted.
It was like going to revival meetings with someone who was always being converted.
It was a parallel case to those sudden conversions at Welsh revival meetings.
AS a sixth-former in about 1960, I went with the chapel youth club to a Billy Graham revival meeting in a Manchester stadium.
The author examines the religious thought of poet and writer Langston Hughes, contending that his salvation experience when he was 12 and failure to AaAaAeA seeAaAaAeA Jesus at a revival meeting in Kansas impacted approach to religion and writing and sparked a quest to understand the nature of salvation and the role of religion in daily life.
1865: The Salvation Army was originated by William Booth, with a revival meeting in London.
The latest revival meeting revolves around the sale of A&P's "intellectual property," including consumer loyalty data and private label brands like America's Choice and Jane Parker--which hit the auction block along with virtually everything else at the old Tea Company that could bring in a few bucks to pay off the creditors.
This council was more repentant about its lack of leadership than sinners at a Pentecostal revival meeting.
Tickets for the Goodwood Revival Meeting, from September 11-13, are also now available.
The community ostracizes her, and at a revival meeting later that week, Blitch urges her to confess her sins.
If Stephen Harper intended Layton's state funeral to show the country that the NDP itself was as good as dead and buried, he must have been seething in his pew when it turned into a revival meeting, and furious again later that evening when Niagara Falls and the CN Tower turned orange until dawn in tribute to the lost leader.