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n. pl. rhab·do·vi·rus·es
Any of a family of RNA viruses, including the rabies virus, that infect plants and animals.

[Greek rhabdos, rod; see wer- in Indo-European roots + virus.]


(Biology) any of the viruses belonging to the Rhabdoviradae family, which are composed of rod-shaped particles that can infect living organisms, and which include the viruses that cause rabies


(ˈræb doʊˌvaɪ rəs)

n., pl. -rus•es.
any of numerous bullet-shaped or oblong RNA-containing viruses, of the family Rhabdoviridae, that have spikes protruding from their envelope: includes the virus that causes rabies.
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Noun1.rhabdovirus - any of a group of arboviruses including those causing rabies
Rhabdoviridae - a family of arborviruses carried by arthropods
animal virus - an animal pathogen that is a virus
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During a viral metagenomic survey, conducted as described previously (3), of fecal samples collected from 4 red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) that were found dead in Alava, Basque Country, Spain, we identified the complete coding sequence and the partial leader and trailer sequence of a novel rhabdovirus, tentatively called red fox fecal rhabdovirus (RFFRV; 15,541 nt, GenBank accession no.
Sequencing genome of a rhabdovirus associated with acute hemorrhagic fever
kolophon, which has worldwide distribution (Asche & Wilson 1990), is the vector of the rhabdovirus of Pangola grass [Digitaria decumbens Stent & D.
Scientists from Europe and the US discuss coronavirus and rhabdovirus reverse genetics, reverse genetic tools to study the hepatitis C virus, calcivirus genetics, modification of the measles virus and application to pathogenesis studies, bunyavirus reverse genetics and applications to studying interactions with host cells, using reverse genetics to improve influenza vaccines, Bluetongue virus reverse genetics, genetic modification in mammalian orthoreoviruses, and reverse genetics and quasispecies.
A wide variety of viruses has been dealt with like enteroviruses focussing on polio, flaviviruses like dengue and Japanese B encephalitis virus, rhabdovirus and hepatitis C, E virus.
Structures of individual rhabdovirus proteins have been reported in Science and other high-profile journals, but until now, how they are organized into a bullet shape has remained unclear," said study author Z.
The olive leaf extract exhibits antiviral activity against viral heamorrhagic septicaemia rhabdovirus (VHSV).
Current worldwide deployment of US forces into the endemic rabies regions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa pose an additional risk from this deadly, bullet-shaped Rhabdovirus.
It is caused by an aquatic rhabdovirus, of which four strains have been identified.