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Adj.1.rheologic - of or relating to rheology
natural philosophy, physics - the science of matter and energy and their interactions; "his favorite subject was physics"
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This experimental setup is based on the Ceast Rheologic 5000 capillary rheometer.
Cautious fluid therapy to maintain blood pressure without fluid overload and pulmonary edema, transfusion with evaluation of rheologic considerations, and pain management with opiates and other agents that reduces pain but does not decrease alveolar ventilation.
It was possible to adjust the rheologic properties of the formulations and to increase the sodium fluorescein permeation through porcine skin by mixing them with carrageenan gels.
The poster entitled "Is There a Role for a Rheologic Agent in Transfusion?
Formation of lunar mare domes along crustal fractures: Rheologic conditions, dimensions of feeder dikes, and the role of magma evolution', Icarus, 189(2), 279-307 (2007)
Gender difference in rheologic properties of blood and risk of cardiovascular diseases.
SonneNatura [R] - An all natural emollient with all the sensory, moisture retention and rheologic properties of petrolatum.
Vocal fold oscillation is highly dependent on the rheologic properties of the anatomic constituents of these folds.
Rheologic properties were determined using an ARES Rheometer from TA Instruments.
The emplacement process of this pluton will fit better a description of emplacement-ascent driven by buoyancy and regional stress as a viscoelastic diapir in the sense of Miller and Paterson (1999), where the rheologic behavior of the country rock varies both temporally and spatially from brittle to ductile.
Influence of rheologic changes and platelet-neutrophil interactions on cell filtration in sepsis.
King M, Gilboa A, Meyer FA, Silberberg A (1992) On the transport of mucus and its rheologic simulants in ciliated systems.