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Noun1.rhinotracheitis - a respiratory infection of the nose and throat in cattle
animal disease - a disease that typically does not affect human beings
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serum against pasteurellosis, salmonellosis, escherichiosis, parainfluenza-3 and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, virus vs.
Upon arrival, steers were vaccinated against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, bovine viral diarrhea (type 1 and 2), parainfluenza 3 virus, and bovine respiratory syncytial virus (Cattle Master Gold FP 5 L5, Zoetis, New York, NY, USA), clostridia (Ultrabac 8, Zoetis, USA), treated against internal and external parasites (Dectomax, Zoetis, USA), injected with 1,500 IU vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopherol) 500,000 IU vitamin A (as retinyl-palmitate) and 50,000 IU vitamin D3 (Vital E-AD, Stuart Products, Bedford, TX, USA), and 300 mg tulathromycin (Draxxin, Zoetis, USA).
Prevalence of brucellosis and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in organized dairy farms in India.
A review of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, shipping fever pneumonia and viral-bacterial synergism in respiratory disease of cattle.
Primary infection is accompanied by various clinical manifestations such as infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, abortion, vulvovaginitis, and systemic infection in neonates (MUYLKENS et al.
Viral agents include Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD), Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR), Bovine Respiratory Synctial Virus (BRSV), and Parainfluenza Type-3 Virus (PI-3).
Investigations on infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in Egyptian cattle and buffaloes.
BoHV-1 has been associated with various clinical syndromes, such as respiratory (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR)) (7) and/or genital infections (infectious pustular vulvovaginitis-infectious pustular balanopostitis (IPV/IPB) (7), abortions (8), and, occasionally, encephalitis (9).
The economically important and highly contagious disease of the animals include the foot and mouth disease (FMD), rabies, brucellosis, tuberculosis, haemorrhagic septicemia (HS), infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), bovine viral diarrhea (B VD), Peste des petits ruminants (PPR), Blue tongue, Brucellosis, Mastitis etc.
He had been vaccinated yearly against rabies (Rabisin[R]), feline calicivirus, feline panleukemia virus, feline viral rhinotracheitis virus (Feligen CRP[R], Virbac), and feline leukemia virus (Tricat, Nobivac).
To strengthen large scale epidemiological surveys, NIVEDI has successfully developed and released software based, highly sensitive, specific and user friendly ELISA diagnostic kits for bovine brucellosis and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis.
Edward Morgan, a Farming Connect Demonstration Farmer from North Wales, has been vaccinating his dairy herd for bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD), leptospirosis and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) for seven years to safeguard production and farm profitability.