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Noun1.rhodanthe - Australian annual everlasting having light pink nodding flower heads; sometimes placed in genus Helipterum
everlasting, everlasting flower - any of various plants of various genera of the family Compositae having flowers that can be dried without loss of form or color
genus Rhodanthe - genus of xerophytic herbs and shrubs of South Africa and Australia; sometimes included in genus Helipterum
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The earliest, a novel in verse entitled Rhodanthe and Dosikles, was composed probably in the early 1130s by Theodore Prodromos.
These [are the adventures] of the silvery girl Rhodanthe with the lovely garland and of the valiant and comely youth Dosikles, the flights and wanderings and tempests and billows, brigands, grievous eddies, sorrows that give rise to love, chains and indissoluble fetters and imprisonments in gloomy dungeons, grim sacrifices, bitter grief, poisoned cups and paralysis of joints, and then marriage and the marriage bed and passionate love.
Cut and dry flowers of plants including statice, bracteantha and rhodanthe to use for indoor displays in winter