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A mineral consisting mainly of manganese carbonate, MnCO3, light pink to rose-red in color with a pearly or vitreous luster, used as a manganese ore.

[German Rhodochrosit, from Greek rhodokhrōs, rose-colored : rhodo-, rhodo- + khrōs, color.]


(Minerals) a pink, red, grey, or brown mineral that consists of manganese carbonate in hexagonal crystalline form and occurs in ore veins. Formula: MnCO3
[C19: from Greek rhodokhrōs of a rosy colour, from rhodon rose + khrōs colour]
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Noun1.rhodochrosite - a mineral consisting of manganese carbonate; a source of manganese
atomic number 25, manganese, Mn - a hard brittle grey polyvalent metallic element that resembles iron but is not magnetic; used in making steel; occurs in many minerals
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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3) showed that the test particles demonstrated some crystallinity [23, 24] and the observed peaks were characteristics of manganese carbonate, Rhodochrosite in Rhombohedral crystal system with JCPDS-ICDD 4401472.
The association of strong base metal/silver mineralisation with a nearby outcrop of rhodochrosite (manganoan carbonate) veining is of particular interest in the context of an epithermal base-metal/precious metal system.
Manganese is found as braunite, pyrolusite, psilomelane, and rhodochrosite.
Necklace of mother of pearl carvings, amethyst drops, and peridot beads in gold; earrings of tanzanite with mother of pearl collar, diamonds, and akoya pearls; pendant of red tree coral, peridot, akoya pearls, and diamonds in gold; and earrings of rhodochrosite, diamonds and akoya pearls in rose gold, all available at Aum Jewels, The Peninsula Manila
44 gives the location of Sweet Home mine rhodochrosite crystals as Utah, rather than Colorado; p.
PINK Rhodochrosite is a strong stone to aid emotional healing.
com)-- Scientifically, a gemstone is a mineral or petrified material which is used in making jewelry but some gemstones like single-crystal rhodochrosite are too soft to be used as a piece of jewelry.
3]), other minerals are; otavite, smithsonite, siderite, magnesite, rhodochrosite, vaterite etc [2].
For example, rhodochrosite (MnCO3), regardless of where it is found in the world, is characteristically pink or red because of its manganese content.
Gangue species in the manganese veins most commonly included barite, calcite and quartz; rarely, aragonite and siderite occur; extremely rarely (and only in Silberbachtal), rhodochrosite was found.
1: How to identify and buy tanzanite, ammolite, rhodochrosite, zultanite, sunstone, moonstone, & other feldspars.
The dipsomaniacs that returned late into the night from their pubs and made their customary urinovomitive halt in the sheltering murk of Sergeant Levarda sometimes found themselves with their noses against the window beyond which kaleidoscopic shapes were twisting and spinning and wobbling, rhodochrosite crystals that liqueified into throbbing exotic flowers sprouting lanceolate protuberances, quills that multiplied like a porcupine's, swords that blunted into milestones, into Gaelic cairns, then they rounded into seeds, swelled into colored drupes, into ink-blue blastulae, then into indigo morulae, so that in the end it all coalesced into one single large zygote of fluorescent plasma, hovering in the dark as if in a black hole.