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A pink to rose-red mineral, essentially a glassy crystalline manganese silicate, MnSiO3, used as an ornamental stone.

[From Greek rhodon, rose.]


(Minerals) a brownish translucent mineral consisting of manganese silicate in triclinic crystalline form with calcium, iron, or magnesium sometimes replacing the manganese. It occurs in metamorphic rocks, esp in New Jersey and Russia, and is used as an ornamental stone, glaze, and pigment. Formula: MnSiO3
[C19: from German Rhodonit, from Greek rhodon rose + -ite]


(ˈroʊd nˌaɪt)

a mineral, manganese silicate, MnSiO3, occurring in rose-red masses usu. with calcium; used as an ornamental stone.
[1815–25; < German Rhodonit < Greek rhódon rose1 + German -it -ite1]
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Noun1.rhodonite - a pink or red mineral consisting of crystalline manganese silicaterhodonite - a pink or red mineral consisting of crystalline manganese silicate; used as an ornamental stone
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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The Canadian district municipality of Sooke has embarked on a project to repair the drainage systems of Rhodonite Drive and Eakin Drive.
Shimmer and shine in tiger's eye, amethyst, mother of pearl, black onyx, malachite, rhodonite, and many other gemstones.
Analyses were calibrated using albite (Na), sanidine (Si, Al, and K), diopside (Ca and Mg), almandine (Fe), rutile (Ti), fluorapatite (P), and rhodonite (Mn) standards.
His father's love for travel provided him with abundant opportunities to explore and discover what he perceived to be priceless finds on their summer excursions: dear quartz crystals that sparkled in the rolling hills of the Ozarks, rosy boulders of rhodonite that were scattered in the outback of Australia, black obsidian glass that hid in the recesses of the great lava beds surrounding Teotihuacan in Mexico, and rough chunks of grainy red granite from the Colorado Rockies, rich with mica and feldspar, were all precious additions to his rapidly growing collection.
Standards included diopside (Ca, Mg), fluorite (F), jadeite (Na, Al), leucite (K), magnetite (Fe), quartz (Si), RbCl (Rb), rhodonite (Mn), rutile (Ti), spinel (Cr) and tugtupite (Cl).
Lemon quartz, rhodonite and pink tourmaline drop earrings, pounds 270 from ICE, ICE BABY * Love a slushie drink but can't wait for the next travelling funfair to pass by so you can partake?
fr) offered good prices on Peruvian things such as scheelite crystals on "needle" quartz from Mundo Nuevo, orange and blue barite from Cerro Warihuyn, and lustrous pink rhodonite from the San Martin (formerly Chiurucu) mine.
There is also a general representation of stone as the best quality material, used for items of state importance, such as the selection of semi-precious stones for the Kremlin Stars, and high quality rhodonite for the tomb of Henri Barbusse (Figure 4).
These included jasper, bowenite, rhodonite, rock crystal, agate, aventurine, quartz, lapis, lazuli andjade.
We used synthetic components (MgO for Mg) and natural minerals (orthoclase for Si and K, albite for Na, hematite for Fe, diopside for Ca and Mg, fluorite for F, rhodonite for Mn), as standards.
Staffordshire youngster Emma Shaw landed the biggest prize of her career by capturing the Czech Republic Grand Prix at Podebrady on stallion Crown Rhodonite.