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1. See rhombus.
2. A rhombohedral crystal.

[Late Latin rhombus; see rhombus.]


(Mathematics) another name for rhombus


(ˈrɒm bəs)

n., pl. -bus•es, -bi (-bī).
1. an equilateral parallelogram having oblique angles.
[1560–70; < Latin < Greek rhómbos bull-roarer, whirling motion, lozenge, derivative of rhémbesthai to come and go, wander, revolve]
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Noun1.rhomb - a parallelogram with four equal sidesrhomb - a parallelogram with four equal sides; an oblique-angled equilateral parallelogram
parallelogram - a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are both parallel and equal in length
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Which else to several Sphears thou must ascribe, Mov'd contrarie with thwart obliquities, Or save the Sun his labour, and that swift Nocturnal and Diurnal rhomb suppos'd, Invisible else above all Starrs, the Wheele Of Day and Night; which needs not thy beleefe, If Earth industrious of her self fetch Day Travelling East, and with her part averse From the Suns beam meet Night, her other part Still luminous by his ray.
In the meantime, just check out the videos of the Push Over Festivals in 1995, 2012 and 2013 within this article featuring Australian punk rock band Frenzal Rhomb and Australian post-hardcore/metalcore band The Amity Affliction.
The eggs were light-cream in color and had irregular reddish-brown spots concentrated in the rhomb pole resembling a crown.
Item NSN 1080-01- Desert Radar Scattering System 475-0696 Screen system 475-1592 Hex screen 475-1593 Rhomb screen 475-1594 Repair kit 475-1595 Cloth 475-1597 Desert Radar Transparent System 475-0694 Screen system 475-1583 Hex screen 475-1584 Rhomb screen 476-1479 Repair kit 475-1586 Cloth 475-5250 Woodland R/S System 457-2956 Screen system 462-0278 Hex screen 461-0155 Rhomb screen 461-0154 Repair kit 463-4081 Cloth 462-3601 Woodland R/T System 475-0697 Screen system 475-1590 Hex screen 475-1588 Rhomb screen 475-1589 Repair kit 475-1591 Cloth 474-8352 Screening support system 463-0046
Based on tests, line and rhomb arrangements are not to be preferred taking into consideration the value of tensions and the required space.
Initially, this lozenge, or rhomb, had little to do with actual diamonds, other than the fact that this shape was widely construed as symbolic of that stone.
Finally, Ursula Seidl ("The Roles Played by Fish on Neo-Assyrian Cylinder Seals") contends that the fish and the rhomb or lozenge frequently appearing in the field of Neo-Assyrian cylinders serve as a pair to bracket and thus identify the patron deity of the seal's owner among the several divine figures usually depicted there.