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A parallelogram with unequal adjacent sides, especially one having oblique angles.
adj. also rhom·boi·dal (-boid′l)
Shaped like a rhombus or rhomboid.
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Adj.1.rhomboidal - shaped like a rhombus or rhomboid; "rhomboidal shapes"
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7 o , Rhomboidal plan (freeform), Model discs and step glasses with edge enamel, Steel frame made of molded tubes, Face with rwa louvre window opaque, 3 -fold solar thermal insulation glazing.
The most common areas of involvement include the central chest and back with lesions extending in a rhomboidal fashion superoinferiorly, as well as the neck and axillae.
With a rhomboidal shape, they are easy to operate with low maintenance requirements, Deister stated, and since they are fully suspended, they require less floor space than floor-mounted units.
Notes: The combination of the rhomboidal outline together with the very thick strongly lignified style-base allow the unambiguous placement of these remains in section Rhomboidales (see Dai et al.
Diandongosaurus acutidentatus Shang, Wu and Li 2011, from China, presents rhomboidal neural spines and elongated centra, this last character also being shared with the Chinese eosauropterygians Hanosaurus hupehensis Young 1972, and Majiashanosaurus discocoracoidis Jiang, Motani, Tintori, Rieppel, Chen, Huang, Zhang, Sun and Ji 2014 (Rieppel 1998b; Shang et al.
Instead, the base of a balancer is flared into a wide V, with the cilia arranged in rows forming a rhomboidal lattice (Tamm, 1982; Tamm and Tamm, 2002).
Description: Pollen grain, monosaccate, bilaterally symmetrical, overall amb oval or oblong oval, corpus circular in polar view or sub circular or rhomboidal, the proximal face associated with a sharp, slightly curved (angular) monolete mark with thin labra, exine of corpus laevigate to infra punctate, on the distal side the attachment zone of the saccus is indicated by two folds which are faintly discernable in the figured specimen due to poor preservation, exoexine of saccus intrareticulate up to 2 m thick, muri 1.
window, nibbling one patch flat, a rhomboidal claim.