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A parallelogram with unequal adjacent sides, especially one having oblique angles.
adj. also rhom·boi·dal (-boid′l)
Shaped like a rhombus or rhomboid.
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Adj.1.rhomboidal - shaped like a rhombus or rhomboid; "rhomboidal shapes"
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Tenders are invited for Supply And Stacking Of Epoxy Coated 25 Mm Dia Anchor Rods Steel Wire Grid Mesh Geocomposite Synthetic Erosion Control Mat Machine Made Gabion And Rhomboidal Shaped Mesh Panels With All Accessories Bet Km 131 To Km 161 On Pt Road Proj Dantak
Tablets occurring in troughs of internal moulds of Mackinnonia typically are straight-sided and occasionally have a rhomboidal shape.
Two-Pixel Box" works formed a sort of bridge to the distinctly different formal vocabulary of the next room: Thing One on Pixel Box Blue and Thing Two on Pixel Box Red, both 2014, are emphatically terse pieces, each combining one of Bulloch's familiar light cubes with an element from her new line of rhomboidal sculptures.
In the equatorial view, the most typical shapes are rhomboidal, apiculate, rectangular, or oval.
Tetrad patterns, determined according to position of post-meiotic nuclei, vary from tetrahedral, rhomboidal, t-shaped and rarely even linear tetrads.
The "Dilation" was formed when the northeast-trending IC Fault "jogged" to the east, forming a dilated rhomboidal shaped block in the jog area, which allowed hydrothermal fluids to more easily migrate upward and cause mercury-arsenic mineralization and alteration at the ground surface.
The Bankclimber Plectomerus dombeyanus (Valenciennes, 1827) is a freshwater mussel (Mollusca: Unionidae) that typically has a thick, rhomboidal shaped, moderately inflated shell and obtains lengths up to 150-mm (Parmalee and Bogan, 1998; Williams et al.
Axial sculpture of prosocline pliculae persists throughout growth; pliculae generally slightly weaker than cords, these together producing a regular, oblique cancellation with equilaterally rhomboidal interstices; cords roundly beaded where crossed by pliculae; beads stronger and more angular on subsutural cord and still larger and scale-like or spine-like on peripheral cord.
Large rhomboidal ears connected across forehead with large tragus (1/2 ear length).
Occasionally, light chain casts assume rhomboidal, needle-shaped, or other striking geometric forms.
rhomboidea has coarser striae and rhomboidal girdle view (Plate 3: Fig.
Another example of innovation in plastics construction is the Allianz Arena in Munich (Germany), which is constructed with 2874 inflated ETFE rhomboidal shells.