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A historic market district of Venice, Italy, located close to the Grand Canal and to the 16th-century Rialto Bridge.


 (rē-ăl′tō, rā-äl′-)
n. pl. ri·al·tos
1. A theatrical district.
2. A marketplace.

[After Rialto, an island of Venice where a market was situated.]


(Placename) an island in Venice, Italy, linked with San Marco Island by the Rialto Bridge (1590) over the Grand Canal: the business centre of medieval and renaissance Venice


n, pl -tos
(Commerce) a market or exchange
[C19: after the Rialto]


(riˈæl toʊ)

n., pl. -tos.
an exchange or mart.
[1590–1660; after the Rialto in Venice]


(riˈæl toʊ)

1. a commercial center in Venice, Italy.
2. a city in SW California, near Los Angeles. 62,750.
3. a theater district, as the Broadway area in New York City.
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see him come sneaking around the corner again, directly, with a crack of the curtain open toward the old gentleman's disappearing gondola, and out scampers his Susan with a flock of little Italian endearments fluttering from her lips, and goes to drive with him in the watery avenues down toward the Rialto.
By this time the 3126 electric lights on the Rialto were alight.
I walked to and fro in that city, so beloved of her citizens; I went from the Rialto Bridge, along the Grand Canal, and from the Riva degli Schiavoni to the Lido, returning to St.