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n. Baseball
A run batted in.

[From r(un) b(atted) i(n).]
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Gehrig logged his postseason ribbies in 150 plate appearances.
He topped the Junior Circuit in ribbies in several seasons.
By the seventh game of the season, Kingsdale continued his sizzling start, six homers and seventeen ribbies.
The third baseman added a sacrifice fly in the fifth and now has 97 RBIs, eight shy of his career high 105 ribbies in 2003.
Luis Sabino, Josh Beauregard and Chris Colabello collected ribbies.
On the subject of ribbies, David Chrisman presents valuable and original work on early International League RBI leaders.
It was the first of three consecutive seasons for Zernial with 100 or more ribbies as he also drove home 100 runs in 1952 and 108 in '53.
His 183 ribbies in 1937 fell one short of the American League record set by Lou Gehrig in 1931.
Sweeney piled up his ribbies while hitting 29 homers.