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Adj.1.ribbonlike - long and thin; resembling a ribbon; "ribbonlike noodles"
thin - of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section; "thin wire"; "a thin chiffon blouse"; "a thin book"; "a thin layer of paint"
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Pancreatoblastoma tumor cells are arranged in sheets and show extensive acinar differentiation with focal central, ill-defined squamoid morules surrounded by more neuroendocrine cells with arborizing ribbonlike pattern (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X200).
Covering 100 nautical miles per day, it creates vivid ribbonlike photomosaics showing where, what, and how much life lies on the seafloor.
Rotate stand toward you while lifting spatula up to rim, creating a ribbonlike effect.
On many skulls the decoration on the skullcap is framed by a ribbonlike and often jagged motif, which is provisionally defined as "jagged boundary strip" It usually starts near the outer edges of the "eyebrows" and runs from here along the temple region to the occiput (Fig.
For Melissa's Holiday 2014 collection, TaiwaneseCanadian couturier Jason Wu, designer for US First Lady Michelle Obama, introduces classic handcrafted shoes with goddesslike straps, golden weaves and sleek ribbonlike textures.
Awh and Vogel, who've both been in the UO psychology department roughly a decade and a half, figured out how to use EEGs to map the rhythmic firing of neurons in the brain - which led to the Journal of Neuroscience featuring their brightly colored, ribbonlike representations of human brain activity over time.
The meteoroid bits that crumble off a comet's nucleus spread along the orbit ahead of and behind the comet, and in time they widen into a thin, ribbonlike sheet mostly confined to the comet's orbital plane.
An undulating feature wall in the lobby provides a segmented, ribbonlike backdrop to the existing monumental stair.
A drawing such as 15 Nov 65, with its flattened-out, ribbonlike form, brings Richard Tuttle to mind.
Antennae: First antennal segment moderately covered with large, erect, flattened, ribbonlike, black setae; AII-AIV typically with a dense cover of semierect to erect, short to moderately sized, pale or dark setae.
For instance, fine hairlike tentacles arise from concentric horseshoe-shaped rows at the base of the adradial marginal lappets in species of Cyanea, whereas thick ribbonlike tentacles arise in a straight line at the base of the adradial marginal lappets in Desmonema; in contrast, tentacles arise from a broad annular band toward the center of the subumbrella in Drymonema (e.
Closer to the body, those feathers have a ribbonlike shape but no central shaft.