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The RNA component of the genetic material in an organism.

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It was interesting to find that all RF/RHD associated isolates produced ribotype pattern 3 though some pharyngitis isolates also belonged to this type.
PC isolates from all five converters had the same ribotype (i.
Two Japanese Corynebacterium ulcerans isolates from the same hospital: ribotype, toxigenicity and serum antitoxin titre.
6) Moreover, more virulent CD ribotype 027 has been isolated in Costa Rica (32) and in Chile.
Unfortunately it was not possible to classify the samples that were negative for PCR ribotype 027/078, according to the nomenclature proposed by Stubbs et al.
All 8 isolates showed indistinguishable ribotype patterns (3).
The NAP-1 strain (also referred as ribotype 027, toxinotype iii, or restriction endocuclease analysis group Bi, depending on the typing method used) has since been found to carry certain virulence determinants that could contribute to an increase in disease severity.
in which they conclude that Clostridium difficile strains containing the binary toxin gene were associated with a higher case-fatality rate after 30 days, even when the analysis was stratified for PCR ribotype (1).
MS6 possesses unique properties in terms of the ribotype, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis pattern, and multiplelocus variable-number tandem-repeat analysis profile, compared with other V.
To the Editor: Clostridium difficile of PCR ribotype 078 causes enteric disease in humans and pigs (1,2); a recent pan-European study revealed that this type was the third most frequently found type of C.
difficile isolates that cause disease in humans and production animals overlap, particularly PCR ribotype 078, which predominates in pigs worldwide.
The 3 strains exhibited identical Notl PFGE profiles (Figure 2, panel A), and all had ribotype O (EcoRI.