rice weevil

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Noun1.Rice weevil - brown weevil that infests stored grain especially ricerice weevil - brown weevil that infests stored grain especially rice
weevil - any of several families of mostly small beetles that feed on plants and plant products; especially snout beetles and seed beetles
genus Sitophylus, Sitophylus - a genus of Bruchidae
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They are normally grouped into two categories, for example rice weevil and lesser grain borer are known as 'internal feeders' as they feed within the kernel.
More than 60% of on-farm operations named the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (Linnaeus), and more than 20% indicated that they did not know the name of the insects (fig.
The mode of preventing the attacks of the rice weevil is not evident, it is a small beetle so tenacious of life and so capable of flourishing under different conditions, that Mr.
Fumigant toxicity of essential oils and their constituent compounds towards the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (L.
calandrae wasp can withstand much more malathion than one of its hosts, the rice weevil.
Insecolo Plus destroyed the rusty grain beetle, the rice weevil, the red flour beetle and the lesser grain borer at double to triple the rate of regular Insecolo which, itself, proved to be effective in previous tests.
Diatomaceous earth is an effective mechanical pesticide against the rice weevil Sitophilus oryzae (L.
A storage bin has been designed in India to remove stored product insects such as rice weevil, lesser grain borer, red flour beetle and saw toothed beetle.