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The number of passengers who ride a public transport system.


1. the number of passengers riding something (such as a bus)
2. the action of riding something


(ˈraɪ dərˌʃɪp)

the number of passengers who use a given public transportation system.
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Tenders are invited for Improving its bus operations through the redeployment of bus operations resources from two areas: (a) Bus routes with moderate ridership which could potentially use smaller buses than the MBTA currently operates; and, (b) Bus routes with substantial highway/express portions.
Dubai: Ridership on Dubai Metro and Tram has jumped further with 44.
While the Bay Area remains one of the nation's most transit-oriented metro areas, and overall ridership in the region has grown in recent years, it is still well short of the modern-era peak achieved in 2001.
Dubai - The ridership of Dubai's public transport reached 531.
The figure compares well with previous public transport ridership which amounted to 367.
Anyone doubting the long-term market for high-speed rail in Oregon should consider a new study that shows Amtrak ridership thriving in Oregon and Washington.
THE Delhi Metro set a new ridership record on Wednesday, registering close to 22 lakh passengers.
Delhi Metro recorded the highest ever ridership figure of 21, 95,999 on August 1, which surpassed the earlier record set on July 23, when 21, 26,763 people traveled by Metro.
Amtrak Amtrak on Track to Set New Annual Ridership Record.
Supporters note record Amtrak ridership as proof of an increase in high speed rail demand.
During that time, the population of Los Angeles County has grown about 35 percent, yet overall MTA ridership is the same as or slightly lower than it was in 1985.
Department of Transportation's (DOT) Federal Transit Administration administers federal grant programs transit agencies can use to help meet ridership demand, such as for purchasing buses and modernizing rail systems.