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A Rhodesian ridgeback.

Rhode′sian ridge′back

one of a South African breed of hunting dogs having a ridge of hair along the spine growing in the opposite direction from the rest of the coat.
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theliver Corporal Keith Farley, who trained Lce Cpl Ramsden to drive the Ridgeback, as well as Cpl Jamie Mullins who was driving the second vehicle, said they both completed the course with a 100% pass rate.
The county councillor for Llandaff North, pictured, has been campaigning for tighter controls for dangerous dogs after his now eight-year-old son Erfan was mauled by a Rhodesian Ridgeback in 2011.
As the Rhodesian Ridgeback, named Tyson, attacked Erfan, last September, at their former Bacton Road home, he and his mother tried to escape into the house.
Alistair Waite, 66, lost more than 50 sheep in the attack by a powerful Rhodesian ridgeback, owned by Robbie Cairns.
But Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey said last night no decision has yet been taken as to whether fighting vehicles including the Ridgeback, the Husky and the allterrain Warthog will be retained.
A CLOSE bond has already developed between 81-year-old John Lawton, of Brockholes, and his new companion, Heidi, a cross between a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Sharpei.
Jack Morley, a 16-year-old plumbing student from Teesville: "I would go for a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
HOMER (left) is a four-year-old German shepherd cross Rhodesian ridgeback who is the longest-staying resident at the kennels.
KYLIE Minogue is kidding no one that her constant trips back to Paris and the apartment she once shared with Olivier Martinez are all because she misses his Rhodesian ridgeback, Sheeba.
It was initially thought the dog, which was later destroyed, was a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
She escaped when her dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Zola, started barking.
Also, the sequence in which Hagrid's dragon egg spawns Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback, is seriously truncated; the repercussion is compressed with the book's ``Midnight Duel,'' which doesn't take place in the film, so when Harry ventures out into the Dark Forest and finds the murdered unicorn, he does so with Draco, not with his hapless pal Neville.