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1. The process or operation of cutting spiral grooves in a rifle barrel.
2. Grooves cut in a rifle barrel.


1. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) the cutting of spiral grooves on the inside of a firearm's barrel
2. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) the series of grooves so cut


(ˈraɪ flɪŋ)

1. the cutting of spiral grooves in a gun barrel, pipe, etc.
2. the system of grooves so cut.
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Noun1.rifling - the cutting of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel of a firearmrifling - the cutting of spiral grooves on the inside of the barrel of a firearm
formation, shaping - the act of fabricating something in a particular shape


[ˈraɪflɪŋ] N (Tech) → estría f, estriado m, rayado m
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Pac-Nor barrels have buttoned rifling and a reputation for excellent accuracy.
Back to the shiny bore--the rifling should be quite visible.
Because gun barrels have been rifled for so long in so many different regions of the world, the device that is used to guide and support the hook cutter during a rifling operation is known by several different names.
Q I know in the past you have stated that it is rare that any-one ever wears out the rifling in a modern .
style rifling until the company made the change to the 1:20 twist now used, so I think you need to verify the type of rifling used in your rifle's barrel.
Lewis rifled his guns with a gain twist, and the rifling in this piece appears to be designed for a patched picket bullet rather than a round-ball.
Rifling was tried from the early days of gunnery, but rifling requires a greater force to push the bullet through the muzzle, which means that guns have to be better constructed and are harder to reload.
We're talking about rifled slug barrels boasting rifling like the conventional rifle.
I just came into a Jeffery 8-bore ball and shot gun with invisible rifling and was confused to start with, but a few logical steps, will iron out all issues and get the rifle shooting well and accurately soon.
One gunsmith thought a barrel with a slower rifling twist would be just the thing for a custom 7x57.