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n. pl. sco·to·mas or sco·to·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
An area of diminished vision within the visual field.

[New Latin scotōma, from Late Latin, dim sight, from Greek skotōma, dizziness, from skotoun, to darken, from skotos, darkness.]

sco·to′ma·tous adj.


n, pl -mas or -mata (-mətə)
1. (Pathology) pathol a blind spot; a permanent or temporary area of depressed or absent vision caused by lesions of the visual system, viewing the sun directly (eclipse scotoma), squinting, etc
2. (Psychology) psychol a mental blind spot; inability to understand or perceive certain matters
[C16: via Medieval Latin from Greek skotōma giddiness, from skotoun to make dark, from skotos darkness]
scotomatous adj


(skoʊˈtoʊ mə)

n., pl. -mas, -ma•ta (-mə tə)
loss of vision in a part of the visual field; blind spot.
[1535–45; < Greek skótōma dizziness = skotō-, variant s. of skotoûn to darken, stupefy, make dizzy, v. derivative of skótos darkness, dizziness + -ma resultative n. suffix]
sco•tom′a•tous (-ˈtɒm ə təs) adj.

scotoma, scotomy

a blind spot or blind area in the field of vision.
See also: Blindness
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Noun1.scotoma - an isolated area of diminished vision within the visual fieldscotoma - an isolated area of diminished vision within the visual field
vision defect, visual defect, visual disorder, visual impairment - impairment of the sense of sight
annular scotoma - a circular scotoma surrounding the center of the field of vision
central scotoma - a scotoma that involves the fixation point
hemianopic scotoma - a scotoma involving half of the visual field
paracentral scotoma - a scotoma that is adjacent to the fixation point
flittering scotoma, scintillating scotoma - a localized area of diminished vision edged by shimmering colored lights; in many people it indicates the onset of migraine


n., Gr. escotoma, área del campo visual en la cual existe pérdida parcial o total de la visión.
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Ring scotoma is characterised by normal macular functioning at the very centre but is surrounded by damage.
Visual field defects correspond to atrophic areas which finally coalesce to form ring scotoma.
b Left peripheral ring scotoma causing tunnel vision
Education about the nature of the ring scotoma can prepare patients to learn effective reading strategies and engage in vision rehabilitation.
The patient has a wide field of view and no ring scotoma.
When there was still a central fixation, those with GA and CNV may have had a macular ring scotoma, a horseshoe scotoma, or a scotoma to one side of fixation.
Dispensing disadvantages of standard lenticulars include having poor cosmetic appearance, increased spectacle magnification, reduced field of view and a ring scotoma (which can induce 'jack-in-the-box' effects, whereby an object suddenly appears from outside the scotoma area upon movement) when viewing through the lens margin.
The definitions are concise and to the point, for example, Ring scotoma, in the Spectacles section, is defined as 'A ring of blind area in a high-plus lens created by the prismatic effect from the thick centre to the thin edge.
Figure 3 shows the curves for reading rate versus letter size at the baseline, one year, and four years for a patient with a macular ring scotoma, who demonstrates this phenomenon of a decreased reading rate with larger letters.